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    Why everyone is after a Govt/PSU job?

    Due to the privatisation drive and liberalisation of economy there is a decrease in the Govt/PSU jobs available to the eligible people. So, most of the people are going to the private companies as everyone cannot be accommodated in the Govt organisations. It is said that in Govt departments facilities are more but responsibilities are not very clearly defined and there is scope of enjoying the job with less activity also. The job security is much in the Govt sector as the process of removing from the job is too cumbersome and time taking. On the other hand in the private organisations one has to be on ones toes and anytime one can be sacked also. Are these the only reasons that most of the people try to get a job in Govt sector and when they do not succeed then they go to the private organisations? What are your views on this issue?
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    Once a person gets a job in any government job or PSU job his life is secured. He need not worry that he will lose his job if he is not performing well. Less responsibility and no accountability. In addition to that, there are many jobs that are pensionable jobs. That means after retirement also he will have income and need no worry about his life after retirement also. Even in PSUs jobs may not have pensions but they will have good retirement benefits. So they need not worry about their income after retirement.
    In a private company, there is no job guarantee and time the employee may be asked to go. The employee should be always alert and he has to see that he will deliver the goods. Otherwise, he may be asked to get out. There will not be any peace of mind.
    Because of these uncertainties in private jobs the employees there will be always worried about their job and also about the life after retirement. That is why people will prefer government jobs.

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    In those days getting a govt job was through the present employee recommendations as the competition was less and requirement of staff was more and much qualified persons were not existing. But now the government has made mandatory to pass out GATE exam for superlative govt jobs and big corporation and unfortunately educated person may not like a boring govt job without any inclusive activities. Though job security and salary is continued even if one does not work and just visits the office, the job satisfaction is lost and many left the govt job also. But I feel the future is bleak for govt jobs as every department need to be privatized or outsourced for time bound action plans of development as slow and lethargic working staff no more required. The very perception of working in govt departments is going to change for sure.
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    There is no doubt that a large youth section is working hard to get a government job and in the coming time also this competition will not decrease but the competition will increase further. But it also does not mean that people go towards private jobs under any compulsion if they do not get government. There are many youths who are already made up their mind that they have to do private jobs and they also reach the pinnacle of success in this direction. At present, if we talk about job pressure, then there is equal pressure on the government servants which probably was not there earlier. Along with this, some pension-related changes have also come and now the pension security is also less. I don't think money, job guarantee, etc make factors but it is a person's personal decision and aspiration in which sector he considers his future better. Competition is always there in government or private sectors.

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    Not necessarily everyone is interested in the government job despite the fact that the employees once got the opportunities of such jobs, they enjoy the immunity in respect of the job security. Not necessarily, all are equally competent in the jobs allotted to them. Here performance is not the sole criteria for pleasing the boss. There are short routes even to enjoy life while remaining in the job. These employees can oblige their bosses in different ways including assisting the bosses with taking up the home assignments of their bosses including teaching the children. It has been seen that many competent persons have been deprived of the promotions but the employees greasing the hands of the boss have enjoyed the promotions. There are even some competent employees leaving the public sector undertakings to join private sectors where they can show their competence and efficiency. They remain comfortable with the private sectors since they get due appreciation.

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    Apart from the points discussed by our members, the most lucrative part of a government job is the pension after retirement. A government servant would enjoy the pension benefits until death, not only he but also his spouse after his death. They would receive a family pension (60% of pension). A divorced or widow daughter also eligible for a family pension.
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    There is a psychological concept in almost all Indian minds that a government service holder is in a better position. And some other social objects are also factors in our society for such preferences. Moreover govt. service holders are known as public servants. Their responsibility is predetermined and more crucial than others. There are two classes of employment Executives and Non-executives. The non-executives class can enjoy some relaxation in comparison to private sectors employee. But the executive class of employees under government sectors has little scope for relaxation. They have to work under a multicolor situation with tremendous pressure and environment.
    Therefore it will be a wrong concept to think about their responsibility is not clear. As far as the remuneration is concerned they are paying salary on a predetermined fixed pay scale based on different grades. Where as the salary in reputed private sectors is much higher than them. And most of the employees of the private sector are covered under EPFO and getting post-retirement pension as per the act. The only thing is job security which is higher in govt. sector.

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    They are of course the reasons but not the only reasons. As a normal North Indian kid grows up with all these things in mind so already has a liking towards the government sector rather than the private sector.
    Other than that private sector does not and can not accommodate everyone with the kind of aspirations youngsters have with a number of degrees and educational qualifications nobody like a low paying job, they would rather prepare for a few years and go for a high paying job in government sector.
    Ultimately harsh reality is our education system which is not able to kind of skills to gain more high paying jobs among youngsters and only focus on cramming which when comes to the job has no use.

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    Neelam - why the specific reference to a North Indian kid?

    Sun has hit the nail on the head- it is the security that is created through getting a pension, that is, financial stability for the long term even after retiring. This is a huge plus point especially for elderly people who are left alone to fend for themselves with no support from their children. At least the pension comes in to fund their basic needs.

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    Almost all the points which tend a person to seek a government job have been covered in this thread by the author. Undoubtedly, security of the job is the most important aspect of a government job, besides it taking bribe is also an attractive package in government sector where employees take extra money for doing their duty from people as well besides their salary from the government. It is very interesting to see, especially those government agencies which have power to catch the wrongdoers or criminals have upper hand in this regard. Presently, NCB's zonal director Sameer Vankhede is in the news and purview of investigation of Mumbai police as well as NCB itself, his own department that he misused his power and earned chunk of money by enmashing people in so-called twenty six fake cases. Truth about these allegations will take time to be known to us.

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    #745603 Special reference to North Indian kids because in South India there are still a large number of people going towards cyber industries with flourishing cities like Bengaluru and Hyderabad in the IT sector, students tend to get a private job nearby home even if they are side by side preparing for Government jobs.
    I am nowhere saying North Indians don't work there, they do but only in cases when they have secured jobs, inclination towards jobs or family responsibilities.
    But in North India, if someone is preparing for a government exam they only prepare for the exam and nothing else matter that much no part-time job or private sector as such. Only people doing private jobs are who are interested in that sector only, and more craze about administration jobs is another factor that I have referred to north Indian kids. Places like UP and Bihar where this craze for civil services is at another level. Sp North Indian students tend to spend more years in this arena of preparation and being completely unproductive during that phase, unlike south Indian kids who are productive even during that phase.

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    Because of the financial security, the parents would have their first choice of job for their children in Govt actor only. It is only when that is not possible they allow them to go for the private jobs.
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