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    In India rule makers are the rule breakers.

    The government will be implementing rules and regulations from time to time to maintain the situation in the country normal and to see that the life of a normal person is peaceful. The rules making and implementing them is in the hands of the bureaucrats. The minister's nod may be required but all the minute details will be worked out by the bureaucrats.
    These qualified and wise bureaucrats know how to make the rules keeping some loopholes that are not known to the public easily but when a need comes the rule makers can use that loopholes to get their job done. That is why I feel in India the people who are making the rules know how they can break the rules and make them work for their benefit.
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    Unfortunately in India every rule made has the route to bail out from the same and if that is known to the wrong doers, they do take advantage of the same and enjoy the benefits. Though our banking systems are fool proof and RBI is the watch dog of every happening in the banks, still wholesome looting in the name unrecoverable loans are taking place and if a common man goes for loan, he is asked to sign at 60 places and sought guarantees. And when Harshad Mehta could make money out of system failure in the banking sector, the govt and RBI has been shocked then. That means Harshad Mehta had the full knowledge of loopholes in the banking system and got the huge benefits of-course with the banks official connivance then. Even in present Aryan case, the person who arrested the actor son is facing charges ?
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    The author has said the right thing and I completely agree with it. Rather I think a different policy is followed in the country, which is "There are no rules for leaders". For the big leaders or ministers as well as their acquaintances and other members of the family, the country is like their home where they can do whatever they want and no action will be taken against them. Anyways, we have also found some cases where the people who break the rule have been punished equally, even if they are the rule makers themselves, but there are very few such cases.

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    Yes, it is very painful to see every time you see something like this occurring around you but are not able to question that. This year when covid 19 was at its peak I saw some of the policemen without any masks stopping people, for not wearing masks, such hypocrisy is seen everywhere in Indian governmental offices and bureaucratic circles.
    Such behaviours are one of the reasons that we are progressing at such a slow pace. Once we reach a certain position we tend to forget all the rules which helped us to reach that particular position.

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    There are top level executives of the banks knowing the loopholes of the systems and it would not be surprising that a few of them might have some connivance with the influential persons and they may hint some loop holes of the banking system to their close circles while they approach for the loan advances. For an ordinary citizen asking for a loan amount of Rs 2,00000/- would be rather difficult unless he furnishes some security and he has put his initials in the several places in different forms.
    To sum up, there are definitely loopholes existing in the banking system and the same can be exploited with the help of top officials.

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    There is an old saying that rules are made by the wise people and fools follow them. Today this is the situation in our country and the author has described it very nicely in this thread.
    Actually the people who are in high positions and are leading the country, some of them are really very intelligent and they know how to circumvent a rule and do their things without getting caught in the web of law. In addition to that they also know that they have full control on the police and administration and they can make anyone to bow to them and do the things as per their wishes and desires. The general people are very much afraid of these influential people and are always fear their brows.
    It is also said that some of these influential people have nexus with criminals and offenders and no one can do anything in this matter because of this patronage of underworld people by the authorities. This is a perturbing situation but unfortunately it is true to quite good extent.

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    Lawmakers are above the laws, I don't know if they break the laws but I can assert that they know how to escape themselves from getting enmeshed by laws. It can not be ignored that this matter is restricted to being in power. It is being observed that those lawmakers who are away from power are in trouble whereas people in power are enjoying their power- game.
    What happened in Lakhimpur Khiri is beyond my understanding. I have heard that the main accused is still absconding. Have you heard it too?
    It is commonly seen around us that those who are themselves in politics or have accessibility to influential politicians can play with law enforcement agencies. This system is well established for many years.

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