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    I want to delete my rejected article

    Could you please help me in deleting my rejected article -Power-of-sleep
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    Manju, you cannot delete a rejected article. Even the editors cannot do it. Can you specify why you want it to be deleted? If it is for any valid reason, we will request Tony sir to look into it.
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    All the articles submitted to ISC that get rejected reach the delete section and are not visible to any readers. So nothing to worry about. This is what I understand.
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    Manju, when the article gets rejected for one reason or the other, it is the lesson for any member to learn about the reason for such rejection and next time proper care be taken to follow the total posting guidelines of the resource submissions and that would be approved eventually. Unfortunately at ISC articles once rejected , cannot be deleted or edited but our editors would have clearly spelt out the reason for rejections.
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    Mr. Saji and Mohan,
    Can the author or any reader view the contents of a thread that has been sent to the delete section? According to my understanding, the title of the thread can be read, and when you click on it, it directs to a page where the thread content is not visible. It would say "Submit a new thread"

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