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    Getting bail is no celebration at all

    We came across Aryan supporters bursting crackers welcoming the Prince with big banners outside the Shah Rukh Khan's house and they has the reason to get over joyed as he was released on bail after 25 days of detention. But the fact remains that he is not yet free from the law and he was not fully relieved of the charges and the case would be heard now and then until full details are furnished by the law enforcing authorities. Therefore celebrating the bail for Aryan cannot be taken as granted. The law would take its own course.
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    Getting bail is becoming a matter to celebrate these days as arrests are made on flimsy grounds. Aryan's bail is definitely a matter of celebration for his parents and fans of Shah Rukh Khan. Bail does not absolve anyone of the charges framed on them. Law will take its own course. This case has aroused interest in the country. Let us wait and see what will happen.
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    Earlier also in many such drug cases bail was granted to the accused as per the laws in the matter. So, there is nothing surprising in this. If the friends and family want to celebrate then it is of course a personal matter. Only problem is that by celebrating sometimes a wrong message may go to the wiser population of this country that the friends and family were not expecting it.
    Anyway everyone gets a bail today and tomorrow and now the case will run for a long time and then only the punishment will be awarded by the court if the accusation is proved.

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    I have also seen in news paper about the bail of Aryan khan. As far as the celebration is concerned, it is quite normal, as the son of a big celebrity and he has to back his image in front of the world. In relation to the film world or other famous people, there have been many cases related to drugs in the past and after some time they have been released, there are some cases and hearings for formality but they also get lost after some time. This is true that the case is not over yet but I think most of us already knew what would be the last decision.

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    Once bail is granted to an accused, everything will be manipulated and adjusted to declare the accused as innocent. Being a son of a celebrity, it is very easy to get the case closed within a few months. So, bail is a stepping stone to escape route that deserves celebration by the family members, relatives, friends and fans.
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    Yes, even if he is innocent it is not something to be celebrated and calling him prince is outright blind faith. He doesn't have any such achievement to gain such support and respect from people. It is ok to support him if one feels he has been framed but to put him on such a pedestal as if he himself is a celebrity, not his father is utter foolishness.
    I sometimes just can't understand and comprehend people's blind fan following for superstars, godmans and political leaders that they are not ready to understand any form of reasoning.

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    This boy ruined the hard earned reputation of his father and there cannot be celebration mood.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Do not be judgmental. The boy may turn out to be innocent. Some people seem to be unhappy about the bail. There are some who say this case is fake and foisted on the boy purposefully.
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    Getting a bail and getting released from the prison on bail is not an indication that he is not at fault. Till the case is finalised and the verdict comes out, the accused can be normal and only after confirming that he is at fault, he will be given the punishment. But these days, the court cases are taking a long time to get the judgement and if a person is on bail means there is no immediate necessity of remaining in the custody. That is why people will be happy when bail is granted to them. Definitely, the family of the person who is getting bail will be happy for bail to their family member and they may celebrate.
    The joy will be very high if an innocent who was arrested without proper charges will feel very happy if bail is granted to him. That person will be happy as the truth is known to him and the people have a belief in the judicial system in the country.

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    26 days of detention cannot be without proof and the case poised for great further findings.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Today I saw a video surfacing from outside the actor's house as if something to be so proud of, people are burning crackers showing banners in support. This level of the blind following can only be seen in India. And people are telling their judgements of innocence and conviction as if they are the judge. This media trial and the kind of publicity the alleged person is getting is so bad for a democratic country.
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    Yes, I am with the same view of the Author here. We saw how Shah Rukh Khan came to where he is today from that TV serial. We know how his son came up in the media news. There is a saying in Bengali that "There might be something real that happens in the news of events spreading". So no matter how innocent he is, the scandal news has already gone everywhere. So it is a very sad event. There is nothing to celebrate for granting bail as the game still exists.
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    It must be a great day for his parents. When his father heard about his bail his eyes were full of tears.
    Some questions which were raised by his advocate Rohtagi caused his bail ordered, like
    - No drug was found in his possession, (despite he was arrested).
    - He was not a part of the cruise party, rather he was invited by the organiser to the party as guest. (Surprisingly, organiser and other participants were not arrested?)
    - He was not found consuming of drugs
    - His blood test was not taken for confirming consumption as well
    - Another person was carrying 6 gm drug for personal consumption, for which Aryan could not be arrested etc

    NCB has big responsibilities to stop drugs entry into country but one thing many a man is not able to understand why NCB and media focussed on 6 gm drug instead of 3000 kg consignment of drugs (of Rs 26 thousands crore) caught at a port in Gujarat? Notably, two other big consignments had already been delivered from Afghanistan before this third consignment was caught? But there is no commotion in this regard?

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    Juhi Chawla acted as surety for Aryan and he got the bail.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Celebration is a matter of personal choice. So, what you will celebrate depends entirely upon you. The release of a family member is a celebration for the family members and it's better if we stick to it. If others want to join in the celebration let them join. Those who are constantly highlighting such issues, I specifically mean the media, should see that justice is delivered and not hindered because of the profile. The case is sub judice so there is no point in discussing who said what or who is accused or not.

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