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    Being down to earth is not easy either.

    Although we are taught that we should never be arrogant about our success, nor should we try to show others down after our progress. Maybe most of us also follow this because we have carried humanity and some goodness in ourselves. But at times it becomes difficult when unknowingly we feel proud of ourselves for our good deeds or rewards and give full credit for our success to ourselves. There is no doubt that our success is the result of our hard work but it is also true that we are associated with many people, things, nature, God, etc. And a person is really successful because all these factors support him for this success, many times we can recognize them and sometimes not. That's why we should try that keep ourselves attached to the ground and do not let the ego of success become a part of our life.
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    As far as success is concerned it is ok for a person to feel proud about his/her achievement and feel more confident towards life in future, but to show it off and rub it on people's faces is not at all a good thing. Once success is not just measured in terms of status, money and high position only but by the ways they carry themselves once they reach that pedestal, How much humility they show to others who are not that much fortunate enough.
    Humility is a virtue that comes to us with practice and manner which our elders have inculcated in us and we should stay grounded no matter where we reach because we are a living and walking poster child of our family background and our manners. So when we misbehave, show disrespect and show off it puts a question mark on our whole upbringing.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    Human nature is very peculiar in this respect. There is an old phrase that - If you have it, flaunt it. That simply means that those who are successful will show off it to others. Whatever it might be money or position or beauty or power, it is to be presented to others in that pride taking way.
    Many people feel that it is in a bad taste and I also agree that it is like that.
    Prudent and humble people will generally would not do such disgusting things of showing off one's wealth or status. They would rather prefer to behave with people in the normal way and will have down to the earth approach in their lives.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Being success is not the achievement for all and there is always first , second and at the most third has been given the credence in the society and other success or performing persons are not cared at all. And we know how to achieve the success rate and how to maintain and sustain that presence in spite of all odds.In this back drop when the winning is formidable and ever lasting, nothing wrong about sharing the same to others. As told by the author the success rate is always associated with time, day and date and also the people attached with it with total grace of the God. Great are those who dedicate their success to the God, and that is their down to earth humbleness. One thing is sure, every success is always associated with deep planning, involvement and dedication but people never weigh all this while appreciating.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Being successful is not very easy. A lot of hard work is required. Proper planning and execution are also very important. Monitoring and reviewing things are also required. A down to earth person will never pose as he is always successful. People like to show their success to all and they want to hide their failures or they try to blame others for their failures.
    They're very few persons who never show their greatness in their conduct. They will be very innocent and by seeing them nobody will understand their real stature and capabilities. When we initially see them we will never know what they are. But after talking to them for some time and moving with them for some time only we know how much capable they are. One should always try to be like that only.
    Gandhiji and Sastriji are the best examples for down to earth personalities.

    always confident

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    Success and money bring arrogance and pride correspondingly. It is not possible that a successful person is down to earth in reality. I don't think if anybody exists as down to earth on this earth, regardless he is successful or not. I have observed many people who show themselves as down earth but if someone uses any harsh remark against them or speak some facts to rebut them they will feel extremely bad and all of a sudden all their down to earth personalities change into angry young men.
    I heard a veteran actor of Bollywood speaking about a big and famous actor (who is always shown as down to earth on every platform) made him boycotted by moviemakers because he did not call him "Sir".
    Now former is dead and the latter one is still alive.
    I have seen only a few persons who are found as down to earth.

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