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    Warnings can be simple and understandable

    We come across traffic police warnings on the road and there are even big hoarding erected to convey their message. Like..
    Avoid cell phone driving
    Do not drive the vehicle while texting or talking on the phone
    Cell phone driving dangerous to life
    Avoid using phone calls while driving
    Drive carefully, no cell phone talking
    Though the above warnings do convey the meaning, what can be the best message to prevent usage of cell phones while driving ?
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    The best would be
    "Think about the future of your wife/children/family while using phone while riding. Your death would be costly."

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    There are many ways to convey the messages to warn people about the bad of effects certain acts.
    Never combine driving with the conversation on phone. Remember that your family is awaiting your safe arrival.
    Similarly, we can also say about fast driving.
    Never go beyond speed limits. Remember that your family wants to see you at home in tact.
    We used to conduct slogan competitions regarding safety in our factory during safety awareness week and we used to get very interesting contributions.

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    It can also be presented like this -
    Your life is precious to us please do not play with this precious life by talking on the phone while driving.
    Talk on the phone comfortably by stopping driving for a while.
    Talking on the phone while driving is putting your life and that of your mobile in danger. Some people love the phone more than themselves and the danger to the phone makes them more alert.

    Some people habitually have a habit of talking while driving, why not confiscate their mobile phone as a challan for such people, even if for some time but no one tolerates the distance from the phone. It may be that people are afraid to talk on mobiles while driving due to their attachment to their phones.

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    Law enforcement authorities should be very strict in this aspect. When they find a guy using phone while riding, his/her phone should be ceased and should never be returned. The phones thus collected should be auctioned and the sum deposited in a government fund. There can't be a severe punishment than this.

    Placing of warning boards in nook and corner of the roads/streets won't help.

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    Your weal of great life should not end with accident on wheel.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    The message through the hoardings or display boards is basically meant to pass on a message to the person for understanding the true value of that message in one's life. It should be simple but effective. It should also be able to convey the exact meaning behind the purpose of that display. If it does show that then it serves its purpose. Another thing is how it is located and positioned with respect to the viewers or the person who would be driving the vehicle. The driver will not be seeing this side or that side but will be focussing on the traffic ahead of him and the road ahead of him so the display boards should be positioned in such a place that he should get a glimpse of that. It is imperative that the distance and height of the display board are correctly kept and definitely is a very important factor.
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    The warning to wear helmet could be
    Wear helmet otherwise HellMet

    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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