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    Spotify ads have dig at those who are obsessed with songs

    If you watch the Spotify ads on television, you will get more laughs as it shows people get obsessed or attached with some songs and they keep on humming irrespective of their working place and position. The ad shows a professor humming a song while writing on the black board and suddenly turns to the students who are stunned. Same way a railway announcer does the humming over the public address system and a bank cashier who is obliging the thieves with the bounty humming the song played by looters. It is not good at all to have dig at people obsessed with songs.
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    I very interesting thread is initiated by the author and I completely agree with the author that it is not good at all to take a dig at people interested in songs. Sunna songs are a habit or hobby of people, which people do for their entertainment, it does not mean that people who like to listen to songs more do not have sincerity towards their work or duties. When a teacher is teaching children in a class, then his entire focus should be on teaching and this is what happens, and in such advertisements, such advertisements keep the wrong message in front. Humming along with some other work like cooking, gardening, cleaning, etc. is a different thing and we all do this often but apart from this, there is the concentration of all towards our own work. Advertisement companies should be more careful while making or planning an ad and it gives an impact on viewers.

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    Why we should think another way about the people who hum songs. Humming some music will never make you get your attention diverted from the work. In fact, the work turnout may be more also in such cases. Some people will consider that music will enhance the output. So we need not dig at the people who will be humming. But these advertisements may show something about the way these people sing. But that also may not be correct because everybody can't be the best singers and making fun of them is somehow not liked by me.
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    The ad has a dig at professor, railway announcer and bank cashier as if they are not dedicated in duties.
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    Companies engaged in making advertisement videos or displays always search for newer and newer ways to attract the viewers. This particular technique also appears to fall in the same bag of tricks. It is a well-known fact that many people whether ordinary worker or highly academic people sometimes have a music going in the background or humming in their minds while doing even a most important work. Music is a part of our lives and how can we forget it while working. Only thing is the person who is having this habit should take care that it should not disturb the other fellows working around so the humming should be in a whispering mode and not in a singing mode. Singing loudly in a workplace is definitely in a bad taste. People may also not relish the advertisements which depict singing in workplaces.
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