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    Are Automated Content Generator Tools a Job Threat for Content Writers?

    Technological development is a non-stop development in itself and with its development society is sure to develop. There are many areas in which humans have been replaced by machines, but at the same time new jobs keep generating with new developments, but they also require special technical knowledge.
    A few days ago, I was watching a video in which content automation tools were being said to be a threat to content writers. However, there are still many such tools available that are contributing to this process. But Is it possible that a time when writers are not needed to create content? Although the chain of thoughts is very complex and infinite that one author summarises in his/her words which cannot be stored in any particular tool or app, still I want to know your thoughts.
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    As far as my knowledge goes these automated tools can't make a new article on their own. They may make a rewritten copy of an existing article. It may reshuffle the teat and may use some synonyms. It may be useful to correct the spelling are some minor grammar mistakes. But it can't generate text on the subject like a human being makes it. In my opinion, they may be helpful to the content writers but not a replacement for the content writer. Grammarly is a tool that is helpful to the writer to correct spelling mistakes and some grammar mistakes. So I think there is no immediate threat to the content writer and no software can write on their own without the interface of a living being. But I don't know in the coming future some Robots may be created to write the articles. Even in such case also the human interface is must fee the robots with the relevant information on the subject we want to the robot to write an article
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    I do agree that cheating is possible through the use of content generator tools, but a sincere and distinguished content writer would shy away from using any such tools as he or she believes in creating own self made articles and resources to which they are habituated to write fast and with meaningful content. For the seasoned writers, they can expand the content with just one word and that is the power of thought process, and I am sure the automated content generator tools are no match to the personal experience of any writer who always adds the inputs and thus make it more colorful and enjoyable to read. We know on the face of any writing whether the author has put in the personal thinking process or just generated the ready-made content. But the threat is sure for the good writing ability of those who do not want any feed.
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    Final decision rests with humans nit machines. The content writer can only decide what is to be written. He can however, profess his thoughts and a machine or app can put it in words or copy or even replace a word, but finally it is the work of the content writer not the app.
    In my opinion, a content writer can only have new thoughts and new experiences to pen down making the script orbthe article intetesting for the targeted age group, but an auto content generator can only work on stored thoughts and write ups.

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    Swati, what do you feel?
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    Auto content writer is equipped with the talent of the selection of the appropriate word giving exact meanings of his expression. Any alteration made in the midst of the text might alter the gist to be dealt with. Naturally he will not be influenced with any tool or app suggesting him to proceed with stereotyped words influencing his readers.
    Auto content writer has the imaginative power and he is farsighted in the proper selection of the theme, events and even words in the narration of the entire sequence but the Auto content generator would work on the basis of stored information already available in the form of write ups. Once we go through such texts, reality would be exposed that it has been a copied version. There is no comparison of the human talents while writing original texts in the varied fields.

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    Content writing is a creative process. Tools and applications are being developed for that but they cannot compare right now with the human brains when it comes to creativity and imagination. In future they might become comparable to us but still there will be differences between how does a human being thinks and how the machine thinks.
    Right now I don't see any threat like that for the content writers.

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    The concept of such content generators came possibly because it takes a lot of time to create good content. It takes time to create, edit, update content and also there are ways to add specific keywords to increase the readability of the content. All these are part of content marketing and since the content of any product/service is the key the target of content marketers is to increase the reach of the content. It is more about content automation than generating new content and content automation is to automate all the processes associated with marketing from the selection of the words to the regular updates. With the help of keyword generation tools and some other AI tools, a few words or texts may be generated based on some situation or user feedback, as we find in the case of chatbots, and it is limited to that only. They are yet to create any content that has emotions attached to it. Try to chat with a bot that is used to make the experiences of the user more engaging and you will find how specific they are and how they follow a particular format with only a couple of words. It may be a good idea to generate an initial conversation with some automated choice of words and replies but you will clearly understand that it's a bot and not any human because the human touch is missing. If content generators can create emotional content without any external help then only it will become a threat. Otherwise, it's just automation of some processes associated with content developing and not making thoughtful new content.

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