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    Waterfall is one of the most beautiful creation of nature

    Among nature's creations, the waterfall is one of the most beautiful ones. When we look at it, the scenery pleases our minds. From a baby to an oldie love it and enjoy it. Everyone wants to stand under the falls to have a bath and freshen up. The area where there is a waterfall attracts the tourists and are made holiday resorts. It is helpful for the development of tourism that improves the revenue of the state. There are also dangerous waterfalls that can be watched but not reached.

    I am hailing from the Tirunelveli district of Tamilnadu. A place known as Courtalam is a holiday resort located here. It is about 100 km away from my village. There are too many waterfalls to bathe and enjoy. Main falls, Five falls, Mini falls, Tiger falls, Shenbagadevi, Honey falls are the famous falls to name. I visit Courtalam with my family and friends once a year.

    Do you have any such waterfall in your area or nearby? Have you visited any waterfall and enjoyed it? Do you have plans to visit a waterfall in the future?
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    Yes. It is very pleasant to visit a waterfall and have a bath under that waterfall. Our family visited many waterfalls. Near Visakhapatnam, while travelling to Araku. we will come across some beautiful waterfalls. They are very good and nature is at its best neat these waterfalls. This year in the month of March, we have visited these two waterfalls. then Araku Vally and Borra Caves also. Katiki Waterfalls is one of the two we have visited. This is around 95 km from Vizag and on the way to Araku and near to Borra caves. The origin of this waterfall is the Gosthani River. This river passes through Borra caves. The water is very clear and we enjoy having a bath there.
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    Surely waterfalls give us the enchanting feeling of the nature and we would like to spend more time at the site as the water falls also fills our thought process with many happenings connecting to the life of happier moments. In Telangana also we have many natural water falls that are spread across the state. The near Nargarjuna Sagar is very nice and broad to view the same from long distance and enjoy the serenity in total. I have visited one more water falls called Mallela Thirtham and that was deep inside and there is a feeling of forest and the water falls amidst tranquility. As soon as we see such natural beauty , we are tempted to have a bath instantly but care should be taken as many of the water falls have slippery slopes and could be risky to approach without proper support. So enjoy the falls and do not take risk of life.
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    Absolutely agree with the author, nature is beautiful and this beauty is a combination of many natural resources, that is rivers, waterfalls, plains, plateaus, maintains even deserts also increase this beauty. I lived in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh where the great river Narmada is flowing, and at Bhedaghat place, it creates a waterfall named Dhuandhar. The Dhuandhar waterfall is very famous for its beauty and height, many people visit it here.

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    Waterfalls are an amazing natural beauty, it attracts huge tourists to enjoy them. Waterfalls add cham to the area and the state generates revenue through such places.
    Every place in the world has some fascinating tourist spots an waterfalls where people rush to enjoy the beauty. J&K has also wonderful waterfalls where tourists visit to enjoy the refreshing waters. Kashmir has many waterfalls and one of the beautiful is Shranz fall in the district Baramulla where locals and tourists from other states visit and enjoy its beauty.

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    Waterfalls are the nature's wonder soothing our eyes and relaxing our minds. Many people and tourists go to the places where there are waterfalls and enjoy the beauty of that continuously flowing water. I am living in Navi Mumbai area where there are small hills starting to build up and slowly merging with the western ghat hill ranges. During the rainy season because of the large catchment area a number of waterfalls emerge out of the hills and people go there and make a crowd to enjoy the falling water and also taking bath under them. Once the rain stops then within a few days most of them dry up but one or two the bigger ones remain for 1-2 months more and are a wonderful sight.
    There are many tourist places in our country where water falls are there round the year and some of them are well known places for visiting.

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    I completely agree with author's view. No doubt, waterfall having amazing beauty. Yesterday, I returned my home by seeing waterfall. I saw chitrakote and thirathgarh waterfall which is located in jagdalpur, chhatisgarh. It attracts lot of people because of amazing beauty. We had bath in waterfall but there were risky to have bath as waterfall near area was Slippery. In rainy season, it having more beauty because water falling area increases. Overall, I enjoyed a lot by seeing waterfall. Everybody must visit once to see it.

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