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    Not every Ayurvedic doctor is a Nadi specialist?

    There are different forms of therapy and when a person is suffering from a health condition due to any reason, he/she seeks the solution of his/her problem at all cost. Most people choose allopathic in the first form as it shows quick effect but if any problem is complicated then people also look for other Ayurveda or homeopathy treatment. Some doctors start Ayurveda treatment by looking at the patient's Nadi that is a pulse and some ask health-related questions to the patient. Is it necessary to be a Nadi specialist to see the pulse, can't every Ayurveda doctor recognize the pulse? I expect a response from the authors based on their experience and information.
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    Nadi examination forms the essential component to assess the body condition of a patient and hence the Ayurvedic Doctor in the past were very much particular regarding this test. Though even today some doctors follow this examination but it cannot be said that all are following the same protocol.
    Unlike the present doctors particularly in the allopathic system, they insist on blood report test to pin point the health conditions of the various organs, the Ayurvedic Doctors are capable enough to know the internal condition of the body with the Nadi Examination only. Their examinations are precise and accurate.

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    All Ayurvedic doctors are not expert in testing the pulses by holding the hand with three fingers. Of course, the olden days native doctors were expert in this aspect. Vaatham, Piththam and Slothumam are the three main pulse components that is tested with the three fingers. By observing the rate of the pulses, they diagnise the decease in our body. It is very difficult to read and understand them. It helps to know when a guy suffers from fever and cough related problems. There is no use if a guy suffers from urinary infection and the doctor holds his hand and check his pulse rates. The present day Ayurvedic doctors don't wear a stethoscope on their neck, but check whether the patients heart beat is Okay by holding his hand. They come to know the decease only by asking the patient.
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    The ancient type of medical attention was given through the Ayurvedic doctors called Vaids and they worked on three findings namely vatham, pittham and Jeeranam, That means if the pain persists inside the body, the bulge out would be indication of something gone wrong inside. Pittham is nothing but over flow of bile juice and that is the indication that the liver is not working well and not cooperating as expected and the last is the Jeeranam, if what ever eaten is digested ,then there is no question of any disease. Moreover the hunger and sleep are the other parameters through which the vaids would deal with the patients for sure. But some Ayurvedic doctors are not knowing how to catch the Nadi of the patient and thus they proved to be unfit and cannot give the right medicines and they would be caught sooner or later.
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    There are full-fledged ayurvedic doctors available in our country who have done 5 years integrated ayurvedic medicine courses and are registered medical practitioners under the ayurvedic system of medicine. They are well aware of ayurvedic principles which are used in identification of ailments. Nadi inspection is one of them. They will see many other symptoms also along with the pulse status and based on all the information they will try to diagnose a person for a particular element. It is said that in old times only by doing Nadi test they were able to find out the ailments in a person. I am not competent to make a comment on the authenticity of such statements but yes in Ayurveda there are definitely some methods which can sometimes give good results in diagnosing a medical situation and then prescribing medicines for it. For example in any type of sore throat complications drinking of hot water is a great remedy prescribed by even our grandmothers and it gives us immense relief also. All those things are established by the experience of the people. A good ayurvedic doctor can definitely use Nadi test detection for the detection of the condition of health of an individual.
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    As a matter of fact, the ayurvedic method of curing diseases will depend on the three main parameters known Vatta, Pitta and kapham. A good doctor should see Nadi and decide on the condition of the patient and decide what is the main complaint and whether it belongs to which category from the above three. Examining Nadi is a very important factor in Ayurveda. So I can't go to an Ayurvedic doctor who can't understand Nadi.
    Th main difference between allopathy and Ayurveda lies in diagnosis only. An ayurvedic doctor tries to find out the root cause and try to give treatment for that. But in allopathy, they will treat based on the symptoms. If I am suffering from fever and go to an allopathic doctor he will give medicine for reducing the headache. But an ayurvedic doctor will find out the root cause for hed ache and give medicine for the removal of that root cause and see that the problem is sorted out permanently.

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