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    Cash demanded by the voters for casting votes

    For the first time, I heard that the residents of the villages in the Huzurabad assembly constituency, of Telangana had staged a dharna demanding cash from political parties instead of voting for them. Dharnas have been held in several villages and sarpanchs' houses. Villagers know that some villagers have been paid cash to vote for any political party. Then the residents of other villages also started demanding. How is the political party doing such a game? Share your view.
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    Shame on the system of propagating cash for vote concept by many political parties and in this case the ruling party is so scared of BJP strong candidate, they have been keeping voters happy with cash and kind. But having micro observers across the polling limits and strict vigil by police, the necessary cash could not be given to all and hence aggrieved voters have staged dharna. Police have registered the case against the voters seeking cash as it is illegal to vote for cash and thus for the first time the EC has been facing the worst poll and no one expected that the parties contesting the elections would stoop to such level. When the contest is for just two years terms the parties should have withdrawn from fray after giving chance to any one. But the case has become worst and on the counting day there would be much unrest.
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    It is an imprudent act for the political leaders to pay and get votes. Also, it is a shame to the voters for demanding cash and voting for them. A financially sound stupid candidate from a political party gets his votes and wins, whereas a gentlemen candidate from an ordinary party or an independent candidate loses his votes and his deposit. It is the fate of India. Who can change it? Despite many attempts by the EC, to monitor the distribution of cash to the voters, we cannot get away from the system that has gone into the mindset of the voters and the politicians.
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    Whoever wins the election makes tall promises and in most cases never enquire about the voters who voted for them until the next election. The situation is the same everywhere and the people understood that they are used by the politicians according to their will. The politicians also switch sides according to their suitability where power and money play a big role. I think we all are aware of this simple yet disturbing fact and continue voting for them. Before the election political parties make the price rise an issue and after winning they do not control the rise but try to pacify some sections with doles. So if I say instead of any logical demand that the people know will never be fulfilled by the politicians, they are demanding cash? At least they can utilize it to purchase things as they wish. I know I am sounding quite illogical and may also be harsh but given the level of corruption and the opportunistic attitude of the politicians vote for cash may become a trend in many places.

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    It is really very shameful if anyone is offering or asking cash for voting for a candidate or a party. The purpose of voting is to select a good person or good party so that they can run the country in the best possible manner helping in its progress and development. If the voters are being bought in such a ridiculous and disgusting manner then what will happen to the country when such candidates will rule the country. That is definitely a burning question which comes in our mind after reading the news about sach cash transactions done in lieu of voting. I am afraid what our young generation will learn after seeing all these things happening around.
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    Money is playing a very important role in the elections these days. The political parties try to get the support of voters by giving them some money. Now voters are also acting-wise. They are taking from all the contesting candidates some money and finally voting for the candidate they like.
    In the constituency mentioned by the author, there is tough competition and as per the reports that are coming the voters are against the ruling party. So the ruling party is trying to give Rythu Bandhu subsidy money to the farmers in that constituency. The people from other constituencies where there are no elections now are asking why the same subsidy is not extended to other areas also? That is very correct. Taking the advantage of the power in the hand how the state government can give special packages to some people of some areas. However, the court has stopped that package till the elections are over.

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    This is really a shameful incident but it is not that it has happened for the first time that even before this, to win elections many times, some parties give money or other gifts to the people especially to the poor people to increase the votes. A long time ago I had also seen such an incident in my area where some gifts which were packed in a big car were distributed by the leaders in a certain settlement. I don't know what was in that gift pack, any essential item or cash but whatever it was it was just a way to get votes which is a very poor method.

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    Elections in the constituency were completed and the results are expected tomorrow. As usual. money played an important role and the leaders of the ruling party found making rounds and distributing gas cylinders to voters. But some people felt that his act will help a contesting independent candidate as his symbol in the elections was a gas cylinder. All the contesting parties are thinking that they are going to win. But what is there in the EVMs will be known tomorrow only. people are expecting a tough competition between TRS and BJP.
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    Contesting elections is very expensive. Although EC has given clear guidelines how much money can be spent on campaigning on elections, yet ground realities depict a different picture where money is distributed in bulk by rich contestants to woo the voters. Besides money, blankets, sarees, liquor and other edible items are offered freely to.voters. It is nowhere a hidden matter. However, it is an unprecedented incident that people are.openly demanding for money in public that it has become a news.

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    The Election Commission of India should have canceled the elections at Huzurabad. Now , it is publicly known that the voters demanded cash from all parties and staged dharnas also. In order to save the democracy in our country, ECI should cancel the elections, investigate and ban all the candidates who gave money to voters for a lifetime from contesting in any elections.
    This is one of the bad effects of election bonds introduced by the government.

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