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    When we love someone, we love them blindly

    If we love someone we tend to love every aspect of them, their voice, their clumsiness, their every gesture, even their flaws which are unique to them only don't we?
    Or is it just the initial phase of love that does not last longer? and fades away with time. Do we keep loving every aspect of the other person in the same manner even years later or do we expect them to change after a certain time?
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    There is lots of difference between understanding a person and loving a person. If one wants to marry and decided to be future partner of each other then understanding fully is necessary. By talking frankly openly both must share their feelings and expectations so that other try to fit into the grove. If the views and matters differ then parting ways and remaining friends is the good idea. But loving blindly is something foolishness. Love should not be for lust and temporary pleasure. Since the life is for continued existence both must come out and even share their past misgivings so that the matter would be so clear for definite and sure action. Though some marriages held by concealing the truth but when the reality is known the friction would be dangerous between the newly wed and that would lead to eventual show down of parting ways.
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    Love is a feeling of bliss. It is an eternal thing. Love is blind and asks for no strings. There is full faith, corporation, belief, respect, and sacrifice in love relationship. Only those who are in true love can feel this unique thing. Artificial or fake love does not stand for a long time. Most of the time such a love will result in separation and misery. The feeling of true love only makes one's life happy and contented.
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    Love is not blind at all. Love makes a person blind. This is mainly applicable for lovers who love each other deeply. Also, it makes an individual blind due to one side love. Many lovers go blind with their first look. Many go blind after their first touch. Many go blind after a good understanding.
    While we go blind due to love, why blame the love and say "Love is Blind"

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    As long as one is emotional and away from reality such blindness can occur. When things settle down and they realize that there is a real-world then responsibility comes. The early people realize responsibilities towards each other the better. Only emotion doesn't last long. It has to be mixed with reality otherwise, it can create a mess.

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    Love is blind people say. When we love a person we love him 100%. But we may take some time to start loving him. But once we start loving him, we will be very sincere and love him truly. But there are some people who take this blind love as a weakness and try to take advantage of the situation. That is in no way a good trait. We should never ditch the person we love blindly.
    These days we are hearing many stories where the people are thinking commercially about this also. They show unrealistic love and take some advantage and then leave them. One should be very careful with such persons. Never trust such people.

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    It is true that when we are in love with someone, we do not see the evil in that person and if ever there is any deficiency or evil in front of us, then we ourselves cover it up like we often do with ourselves. Huh. Sometimes we do not hold back from blaming others for this because maybe we are in love. Yet there comes a state of mind when we can convince ourselves that what is in our interest and what is in our harm, if in such a situation we examine the other person from every aspect, then perhaps we as a person will make a decision at a time. Good and evil can both be recognized. As we have always heard that no person is perfect and neither good nor bad. A person only includes some qualities in himself, which we define ourselves as good and bad, and in love, the focus of the person is only on the good qualities.

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    We love a man blindly and we are rather blind to his demerits and drawbacks since it a process of infatuation which ignores our rational thoughts. It is definitely a feeling within ourselves that our attachment would not die down despite his feelings of rejection for going ahead with such a relationship. The definition of the love is unique and it only contains a lot of gentle qualities such as trust, worthiness, sacrifice, patience etc.
    it cannot be felt unless we are deeply attached with such a person for a longer association. It can even cause the death of the other party due to intense passion. We can see how man jumps into the fire to save his beloved one and a failure in such an attempt has led to death of both of them.

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    It seems everyone who has responded here is referring to love only in the romantic sense of mushy love. Look beyond that and consider the love that is simply deep affection, a genuine liking, and, likely, respect also.

    Coming to the question raised about whether it will last, yes, it can as per how strong the bond is. It is not a question of being blind, but of being accepting of that person's traits, warps and all, and continuing to love unconditionally. Why should we expect the other person to change when we stubbornly stick to our own ways? Of course, something like a really bad habit we would not like to tolerate any longer and we can be frank about that.

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