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    Has the relevance of Mangal Sutra lost significance ?

    In one of the ongoing Tamil serial, the heroine gets married to the hero but all this happens when the mother in law was in coma and she never approved this marriage when she was in sense. In fact there is one more girl which she kept ready for the marriage and when she recovered from the coma, she forcibly removes the Thali or Mangal Sutra from the girl and she gets humiliated for no fault. Now when the other marriage about to get on, the heroine stops saying she was married first and the second marriage illegal. Has the relevance of Mangal Sutra become so insignificance ?
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    It is a Tamil culture to have the Thali (Mangalsutra made of gold) tied in a yellow thread, that is tied during the marriage with three nuptial knots. Also, through the Thali, a woman's caste can be identified. Mangalsutra is like a license plate displayed by a lady to indicate to others that she is married.

    Mangalsutra doesn't have its value in courts of law. The question would be 'Who tied this Mangal sutra?" There is no evidence except the people present during the marriage. Only the Marriage Certificate with the clear names and addresses of the couples and parents signed by the authority concerned (Registrar)stands fully valid and legal.

    So, we can conclude that Mangalsutra has lost/not fully lost its significance, but a Marriage certificate is a clear evidence for the marriage.

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    That all depends on the thinking process of the individual. In the Telugu states, many ladies give very good importance to Mangala Sutra and they never take it out from their neck from the day they are married. Even very well advanced families also ladies hesitate to remove Mangala Sutra from their neck.
    TV serials are not standard serials and we should not take them as the reflection of the mentality of the public. It may be reflecting the way of thinking of a very small section of the people and we should not consider them as near to reality.
    As far as my thinking goes, people who respect their traditions and culture will never dishonour Mangala Sutra. But it may be of no importance to the people from other faiths and people who think that these are all superstitions and in the modern world we need not consider these things as important.

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    By bringing in new ways against the established culture and customs, are the serials demeaning our history ?
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    Mangal Sutra if seen for some it is such a sacred thread that should be kept at a pedestal of purity and away from everything that is impure. And for someone, it is just another symbol of patriarchal norms placed on women to control them and put them in the shackles of a bond of marriage even if it is not worthy of.
    Recently an advertisement by Sabyasachi of his new "Mangalsutra collection created a stir in society. Where he showed couples posing in more sensuous kind and also showed LGTBQI couples with Mangalsutras, which have hurt many peoples sentiments. Ultimately I don't mind him portraying LGTBQI with Mangalsutra because it is the reality of the society that such couples exist in our society so why should we shy away from that part. And about the sensuous part, he gave justification that it is part and parcel of marriage life so what is wrong with showing Mangalsutra in that light.
    Honestly, l too at times just can't understand this obsession of Indians to keep the sacredness of this intact, it should be a choice and not compulsion. And it is serials and movies only which have created all the perception and drama about the Mangalsutra. Otherwise, it should be seen as just a part of the marriage ritual and not with something so amazingly powerful, but again it hurts people's feelings so it should be left to individuals how they want to view it without forcing anyone else.

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