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    When guests start becoming a hindrance to your routine.

    Guest is like God, this thing is taught to us in the form of rituals and it is our endeavor that we welcome the guests coming to our house with respect and give them time. But sometimes some guests come as if they choose us as a means to end their boredom. When guests start coming every other day and sitting for hours, their arrival disturbs our whole routine and sometimes they leave till our bedtime. We can never automatically ask them to leave because of values and some people may take advantage of it. But in this way, to what extent will one bear his own loss and disturbance. We should also teach children how to handle such a permanent guest.
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    As per our Hindu dharma, we all respect guests as Gods. We respect them, treat them well and extend our help in all possible ways. Similarly, when we go to somebody as guests we will also receive similar treatment for others also. But we should not take this as an advantage and try to disturb others during odd hours and very regularly.
    If we go every day and sit it with a person in his house hours together they may feel very uncomfortable and they may start avoiding us. So one should always know the limits. Nowadays it has become a practice to call the hosts and ask them whether it is comfortable for them if we visit them during so and so time. Then the hosts can make themselves available at that time or they may say that they are not available and they can suggest a suitable alternative time.
    Days are changing and hosts are also trying to express their inconvenience when some people are visiting them at odd times.

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    Good question raised by the author. For that matter guests or the friends, they need to understand our daily routines and behave accordingly and they have no right to disturb our privacy and keep on prolonging their stay for no reason. In Hyderabad old city there is a very bad habit of meeting the friends late in the night after finishing the dinner which may past cross 10 pm. Surely that is not the right time to disturb a person who need to rush for work next day and if the sleeping time is disturbed then that would be problems galore. If they fail to understand our privacy and timing, such friends and relatives are no more required because they finished all their work and bent on disturbing our privacy and timing. By the way what is the use of involving in gossips of others at the late hour at the cost of compromising our valuable time ?
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    We value of our old culture where we have been taught that guests are our next to god and we should not displease them whenever they drop in our residence. We value such preachings and normally the guests are also very considerate not visiting us regularly. In some cases, we can have obstinate visitors meeting us very frequently and would gossip for hours without the consideration of our convenience.
    We could hesitate in apprising of our displeasure of their regular visits causing us a great discomfort with their regular visits but sometimes telling frankly would be the best option for ourselves.

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    A very apt movie to show such a scenario is "athithi tum kab jaoge" which means when will you go back o Guest. Although this is a movie and shows this situation in a funny manner the problem is real when the people who are living in the house tend to be students or working from home. And some guest arrive and interrupt someone's focus and our moral values stops us from being rude to them but we are very much disturbed by them.
    This is one another problem with Indian value system that we bear so many wrong things in the name of manners and can't tell someone straightforward that their behaviour is quite disturbing for us. But sometimes we should be able to say so if we are getting too much disturbed and distracted because of someone but in a polite manner.
    It might be hurtful in that particular moment but save us a lot of time and give us mental peace in the long run.

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