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    Ignite your face with great sparkle of smile

    No matter we may have thousands of pressing problems, numerous challenges in life on daily basis, Sad moments now and then and above all other people try to change our mood to bad mode. Keeping everything aside, we must inculcate the habit of keeping ourselves happy and bring in the sparkle in the face because others are not concerned to take the burden of our situations and they came to share their uneasy situations to which we must prepare them to be happy for a while before starting their own problematic series.

    This is entry to TOW word Sparkle
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    The author has raised a very justified topic in which he has stressed that we should be ready to entertain our friends and relatives to welcome them with our smiling faces whenever they approach us. Our problems are the internal ones and such problems should not come in the way of entertaining them. They visit us to know our well beings apart from their issues to be shared with us to get some ideas. Whenever they drop in, we must be ready to welcome them without any stress so that they at least get the proper gesture of our entertaining them.

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    As usual, the author has come out with his early and first response for the month-end TOW topic for the month of October 20321. He has made a very good presentation and the advice given by him is really interesting. All should be happy irrespective of the situation in which we are. Problems may come and may go but we should not take them to our heart and start worrying about the same. By discussing our worries with others, we may spoil the mood of the other party also and they may not be able to help us in getting out of our problems.
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    Really nice thought raised by the author, It is really nice habit to try to make everyone around us smile, When we make such a habit part and parcel of our life every time we make someone smile we feel happy and that happiness, in turn, brings a smile to our face. So ultimately when we sparkle others life our life gets sparkled too.
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    It is indeed commendable that the author always presents the first entry in the TOW contest every month. This time also the entry of the author is quite interesting. Different situations keep happening with everyone in life and as we know that sometimes the time remains the same, then we should keep ourselves motivated, especially in bad times. Being happy or igniting your face with a smile may not solve your all problems but surely it will help us to bear those difficult moments and keep us more positive. Problems are part of our every action means when we initiate something is will give a result sometimes the result would be in our favor but sometimes it may inverse. So when we know that whatever we are getting is all because of our actions we should improve ourselves and make it better, but before this, we have to keep ourselves better with a sparkling smile as the author suggested.

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    "Face is the index of mind" - as the saying goes. And a smiling face with the sparkles boosts the mind and motivates it to take up all the challenges. Moreover this smiling face is remembered by all.

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    A smile is the biggest treasure in our lives. It not only makes us happy but makes all those who are seeing it on our face or when other people are smiling and we are seeing it on their faces. The author has well presented the importance of a sparkling smile as it creates an environment of pleasant feelings around it.
    A sparkling smile can convey more than thousand words as it is a natural gesture for inviting people for friendship and cordial relations. A smiling salesman will always attract customers to the shop. A person giving smile to the customers in offices or other work places will be liked by everyone and people will like to go to him for their problems and other important works. Even within a family or in our houses the members who give a smile or reciprocate it are liked by everyone.

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    A smiling face always wins a person's heart over someone's worried and brooding expression. A person with a smiling face can indeed brighten up the heart and mood of another person. It elevates one's spirit. It is a good quality of any depressed person to wear a happy look and spread happiness. Thus, everyone must try to remain cheerful so that in exchange, others become happy too. It seems to be a difficult task, but when we learn to give more importance to others, then cheerfully expressing oneself becomes easy. Such a practice is respectable and adorable too.

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    I agree to what the author has written about our society as a whole. Everybody seems to be self entered and nobody has time as well as interest in knowing our grievances then what is the point to expresse or share our personal problems with them. If somebody always keeps on crying before other people they will start ignoring him for sharing their time with him.

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    A very concise write up with the self explanatory title.

    One quote I always keep in mind is :" Happiness is
    like a perfume. You have to pour a few drops on you first to spread good smell around".
    The above thread has emphasized that essence. You get the reflected responses always. So if we create happy mood others will also respond happily to us.

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