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    Do you want to skip the crowd and visit un-explored places ?

    When it comes to visiting places, everyone has different choice, as some wants to go for adventure trip, go for nature beauty places, go for total pilgrimage, and some wants to skip the crowd and visit non explored places. The thought itself risky because none visited those place and there must be risk element to the life also. But just for the personal pleasure of seeing new place the adventurism inside would sparkle such kind of element to which many says no. What is your view in this regard and any such places to explore ?
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    It all depends on the likes and dislikes of the individual. I like visiting new places and exploring them. My wife also likes travelling. So we plan to go to places and see the interesting places in those areas. We have toured almost all important pilgrim centres in the country and enjoyed seeing different places. Avoiding crowds is not possible when we want to visit and see pilgrim places. So we don't bother about crowds. But for the last one and a half years we are not venturing to go out because of the pandemic. But slowly things are getting normal and people started going out. So we may also plan some trips based on the conditions outside. Yesterday we visited Basara, a pilgrim centre near Hyderabad. There was no crowd and we had a very good darshan. But always I want to have a leisurely trip. I plan the trip in such a way that we will never feel exhausted. It may take some more time to complete the trip. But we will have sufficient time and can see all the places leisurely.
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    Absolutely. My love for exploring in infinite but my hate for big crowds is equally strong. I do appreciate a good crowd when I see one however most of the time I like to alone with my loved ones or just alone when I'm exploring. Therefore I would love nothing more than to visit places that are rather away from human eyes for now and are left unaltered by us. Infact, I often myself browsing the internet to search for such gems around my city to visit whenever I get the time too. Exploring feels very free to me and to get to places which very few know about is such a delight as I get first hand experience unlike places that are popular and have thousands of reviews and photo I can view beforehand.
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    Well, it is a personal choice that depends on the individual. For some people roaming means to give time to themselves and spend some time being alert to themselves, such people will mostly like a quiet place to roam where there is no crowd of people. On the other hand, some like to enjoy every moment of their life and want to be surrounded by others, for them a crowded place is always the first choice. I think most people like to visit those places that are famous for their natural beauty but also for other human activities or involvement. If I am talking about my choice I will prefer to visit the mountains area, where less population and more natural resources are available. The sound of birds and winds affected my ears more than the sound of vehicles, or people noise. I am not one person who does not like to be with people but as we are already surrounded by them most of the time so if I got a chance to visit such a place where I am surrounded by the nature, I will go with it.

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    If we go to new places the knowledge enhances and with no crowd the detailing can be obtained in full.
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    Going to new places is always a thrill. But we have to see that there are some basic facilities there so that there should not be any inconveniences in our lives while touring those places.
    In fact, I will always prefer to go to a less crowded place than the crowded place because of many reasons like availability of accommodation, less chances of getting infections or ailments from other people especially in the corona virus stricken places and many such basic considerations.
    Now a days people have and inclination to visit places and due to that there are many small places which are also coming up very nicely in the tourist map. These places are less crowded less known and are having less pollution also as crowd is less.
    There are some examples of such places in our country like Chembra Peak in Kerala, Mawlynnong in Meghalaya, Halebid in Karnataka, Ziro in Arunachal Pradesh, Majuli in Assam, and Khajjiar in Himachal Pradesh.

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    We remain interested to see the new places of our choice and I like both the places crowded and uncrowned ones because both the places have their own merits and demerits. Sea Witch located at Puri would definitely an amazing experience while going alone or with the families. Although I find tremendous enjoyment along with the company of our children since they offer me a sense of thrilling. It is not that much expensive if we could book a hotel of the reasonable cost. Goa is definitely somewhat expensive to some extent but the enjoyment after witnessing the natural scene reminds us of many captivating scenes and that we could hardly forget the same. Haridwar is a lovely place to visit and a full trip of five days would provide anyone immense pleasure beyond expression.

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    I like to visit places of interest, and don't mind a small crowd. But I hate to visit places where there is a pull and push, crowd control, standing in queue etc; Mostly I avoid pilgrim centres and big temples like Tirupathi where we wait for hours to have a dharshan, but pushed or pulled not to have a dharshan for a few seconds.
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    In Tirumala if proper advance ticket booking for darshan is obtained, the pilgrimage is hassle free.
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