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    Let us celebrate Diwali in a pollution free way

    Diwali (Deepawali) is the festival of lights and is a great occasion for fun and frolic. People enjoy this festival by visiting the temples and having parties with friends and relatives. It is good to enjoy the festivals as they are not only a sign of our culture but also refresh us from our routine and monotonous work. Many people burn crackers during the Diwali festival but it creates not only a nuisance in the area but also is a source of pollution. It would be prudent not to venture in burning crackers during this magnificent festival where there are so many other ways to have fun. It is hoped that being good citizens we would not burn the crackers and use that money for other constructive and positive purposes like helping the poor people or donating to the orphanage. Please spread this message among your friends and relatives and have a happy and prosperous Diwali.
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    I am in complete agreement with the authors thought here, let the festival of light be celebrated with light only and lights of traditional lamps and diyas which look beautiful.
    The sweets, lights and rangoli all the auspiciousness and exuberance Deepawali brings with it fill everyone's heart with happiness be it the child l, elders or grandparents. And everyone tries to be at home during Deepawali no matter how far they are from home. It is the festival on which like lord Rama everyone returns home to his/her loved ones. And the thought about donating is also fantastic as during Deepawali everybody already has so much in the house so it will be a really good idea to share some wealth, food and happiness.

    Through this thread wishing Happy Deepawali in advance as well.

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    True. Why waste money and create pollution. Have fun, eat special dishes. wear new dresses and light oil lamps as many as possible and bring in light and smile on the faces of all. Help the needy and give food to the people who are starving. We can see smiles and happiness on the faces of these poor people and that will bring happiness to us also. Instead of that buying crackers and lighting them may cause sound pollution as well as air pollution. So it is better to be away from such issues. Some green crackers are coming which will not pollute the atmosphere and produce fewer sounds. I heard. If it is a must to have some crackers people can try them.
    But many people may not like this because they can't come out of the traditional trends easily/. So it is wise for the government to ban these firecrackers not only for Deepavali but also for other occasions and festivals also. Then people will not have a choice and they will not have any chance to consume them.

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    For that matter this Diwali is going to be different in the sense that there is strictly no crackers for sale in our state and those who are doing so illegally are being caught. For the first time the Deepa oli what we call in Tamil that means the light spread of the festival is going to be real as many homes are lit with serial bulbs in the front and on the festive day the earthen lights would be made lighting as the boys and girls would be busy in decorating their homes and not wasting time on crackers. I am sure , like Delhi and other states the ban of crackers would certainly bring down the pollution level and the health of the people who are confronting with aasthma and breathing problems would keep good. Eat sweets and savories and enjoy the festivities by visiting relatives and friends with new cloth adorning and make the festival more memorable.
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    Yes, the author is absolutely right and we should always follow this policy while celebrating any festival that we should not harm our environment. Diwali is one of the most celebrated festivals of India, in fact, many other countries celebrate Deewali in their own way. In India every festival is celebrated with extra enthusiasm and sometimes this enthusiasm also harms us and other people. Many times we heard about accidents with children's while celebrating Deewali with crackers. Using crackers harm not only human but also our environment. So celebrate Deewali but also keep in mind this festival should bring happiness and healthy lifestyles.

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    I am against to this view. So far as our Indian culture concerned the celebrations of festivals are made for some purpose. We should enjoy this and by thinking over smart, we cannot avoid this and that. If we do not celebrate our own cultural festivals then who will do? Firing crackers are done only on the occasion of Deepavali in our country. We can prevent by rules or promulgation to prevent firing crackers on the other days or situations. We allow political parties to fire crackers on their succeeding in elections etc., we allow persons to fire crackers before the death procession or marriages etc., Where the problem of pollution gone during that times? We should prevent firing crackers only on such occasions other than deepavali. Before speaking about crackers firing and pollution we should keep in our mind about the people working in the fire works factory, we only lit the lamp in their houses by buying crackers for the festival, we only feed them as basic food through our purchase. We can prevent eating sweets on the deepavali day but it would be automatically done if the person falls on diabetic.

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