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    Polish your skills and let the sparkles talk for you.

    Acquiring skills alongwith technicalities are important for success in today's progressive world. While acquiring the skills could be difficult, maintaining and improvising them are rated much more difficult, hence more important for being successful. So, now it becomes all the more advisable for us to polish and hone the already acquired skills, improve upon them and let them sparkle a bit and be ready to face the unforeseen challenges in life. Our skills are the major tools that pave the way for our success.

    But we need to keep in mind that we do not boast about our successes, skills and talents. On the contrary, we should let our talents speak for us. We can not let our success go into our heads, as this would result in rupture of our basic virtues and wrong decision making. Our skills will definitely sparkle even in the darkness bringing us fame and success.
    What's your call on regular polishing of the skills?

    This is an entry to the TOW contest 'sparkle'.
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    Today merely acquiring academic qualifications is not going to help the people for making a career and success in their lives. Skills are more important and essential for carving out a professional path in the present business environment. It is true that real success would only be achieved once skills are acquired for working in a practical way. Many students have understood this basic thing in the changing business environment and going for skill based learnings which can help them not only in securing a job but also to move ahead in the present day tough competitive world.
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    A nice thread by the author, I also agree that we all have been endowed with certain skills and these skills help us to make a place for ourselves in society by creating a distinct identity. In skills, polishing according to time is as important as the maintenance of this working thing. When a person sharpens his skills, then he develops in himself. Knowing or learning any art is not the only goal, but it is to improve them according to the changes and requirements coming in the society with time, this will be called polishing of skills.

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    In today's competitive world we all need skills and in some extra amount, more than everyone else to shine and sparkle more. We need an x-factor, something unique to us to make the world understand our value. So apt and nice thread raised by author.
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    The author has made strong pitch to maintain and sustain the special skills each one posses to harness them to high level of efficiency so that the sparkles in those skills would make a self statement of personality to others. It has been noted that those who possess their special skill does not boast of the same and their success purely depend on them using wisely. Therefore the success is for sure and others would try to imitate but never equals. By polishing our own skills would help us rewind the forgotten good trait within us through which formidable influence on others can be made possible. Instead of we boasting of our talent, let others identify what we are and they should in fact recommend us to others. Such kind of close behavior can be possible when we have good peer group within us and who has the approach to high levels.
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    Though in respect of qualifications most of the candidates selected for the same post do have the qualifications as needed for the same post. They start their service journey with the same emoluments and perks but with the time, we could say a substantial gap of their emoluments. Some are well recognised due to the development of special skills in the jobs allotted to them. This cannot be achieved by all due to their lesser interest or they want to have the relaxed timings while remaining in the jobs. The management can well recognise the best performers offering them substantial hikes in their payments by way of their promotions. They have made their remarkable progress in their areas because of their intense interest in their job activities and they become familiar with all the complexities of the jobs. They can manage better with their expertise developed but their own colleagues remain far behind with them due to their apathetic attitudes. The situation turns out to be more unfortunate to the colleagues when his own colleague has been elevated to promotion and his own colleague is now their boss.

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    Polishing the axe is a very important point for a better result and return. If your axe is not pointed and if it becomes blunt you can't cut the wood fast. So spend a little time polishing th axe so that you will get a better yield. The same is the case with our professional careers. You may be having some skills. But if you are not following up with the changes in that area and if you are not getting updated, you may not be the front runner in the race. Acquiring new skills is something different from getting updated on the skills already we have possessed. This upgrading ourselves in the areas of our working skills will only allow you to progress and compete with the people who are coming in with updated skills. One should not go on saying that I did that and I achieved this. Only your working style and results should speak about you. Of course, a little boasting is also required to market ourselves in this competitive world. A good posting from the author connecting the TOW topic.
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    The thread deals with a relevant subject. The world is moving forward in such a fast pace that even the latest becomes obsolete very fast. So constant updating is imperative.

    Painting and polishing are needed as a regular measures in our life. That is needed to preserve or conserve our various valuable assets like homes, vehicle, etc. Even the daily wear shoes also need polishing frequently if not everyday.

    Similar cleaning and polishing is needed to conserve and update our acquired skills too. These are achieved by reusing and refurbishing, and also unlearning some and learning new by training. Most organizations have some kind of in-house or external facilities for this. However it should be our individual endeavour to polish and shine our individual skills.

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