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    Life- An adventure playground

    The life can be compared to the adventure playground. If we closely watch the play equipment, some have the shade, some have open to sky , and some have the splash of water activities. The one with shade activities can be compared to the good mentor and help from the groups we deserve and thus the life goes well without any set back. The one with open to sky activities implies that we are left to our own mending of ways in life , wherein we have to go through the ideas , issues and go for damage control exercise on own, and none to help. And the splash of water sports activities imply that when the life is full of sustained achievement, having the thought of helping others, we feel like at the top of the world with no more wants pending.
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    Life is a playground and how you play the same is in your hands. Some people take pleasure in playing the games to their full potential and enjoy the games. Such people may also try to be happy in their lives without worrying about the unwanted issues that are happening. They take life as a challenge and face all the problems that are coming and try to come out positively. Some people can't take any risks in their lives and they go with the wind and try to manage the show. Such people may not be the winners always.
    One should always remember that in the playground also we have to show our potential and then only we will be the winners. In the same way in our lives also we should be bold enough to face the obstacles that may halt our progress and overcome them and be the winners.
    As mentioned by the author there are different playgrounds and you can choose the one you like. It is true in both life as well as games also.

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    Yes, life is a playground and it is definitely full of adventures. As soon as the child is born, he has to go to the battle of life to take the first breath. Then the battle of knowing the unknown, magnifying oneself, adapting to the environment, etc. After growing, the strongest battle starts with self i,e, a war between you and yourself until you reach the clear path ahead. During this stage, all your thinking works together to find the right things as you search. But it is not easily come , your circle, your contribution, passion, dedication, etc will depend on your success and winning in the life field. Very nice threat shared by the Author.
    Believe in the existence of God the superpower.

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    Life is a playground a beautiful thing that has been explained by the author in a very systematic way that is quite commendable. This is absolutely right that if we think our life just be like a playground and different players, mentors and other important factors are an essential part of our life, we may motivate ourselves in different situations or circumstances in our life. When we live a life that is a combination of success and failure we understand the importance of every little effort given by us and find and rectify our mistakes to win other games next time

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