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    Sparkling droplets that can sparkle your day

    Winter is coming, and with winters people just like to stay in blankets. But if you are able to overcome the lovely comfort of cosy and blanket. And go for morning walks waking early in the morning you will find twinkling and sparkling droplets on flowers, on grass and on leaves.
    These beautiful shiny droplets as you touch it, just slip away from your hands cold and beautiful they have their own beauty. They tell you about the transient nature of everything. These droplets with a life of few moments and evaporate as soon as sunrises, slip away as soon as someone touches them somehow soothes the person who touches them and walks over them in the green grass.
    I don't know whether it is just my personal experience or anyone else who also can relate to it these droplets have a very soothing and calming effect on me. And I like to capture these sparkling due on my phone if I happen to carry it with me.
    So if you ever feel you are in some kind of tension try to go for a walk and observe such beautiful and transient twinkling and sparkling droplets of nature that soothes the soul of a person, brighten the mood and sparkle the whole day.
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    A drop of water or a small fog on the leave will be very nice to see and many nature lovers will enjoy these very much. As mentioned by the author when we go for a walk in winter in the early morning we will see many such droplets on leaves which will be very nice to observe. Really a good experience. I have seen many people observing them, going near and touching them. But I never touched that but observed from a distance. When there is a slight drizzle also you can see small water droplets on the leaves and they way are slowly dripping down from the leaves. That will also be very nice to observe. A good submission from that author.
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    The author has well connected the great happenings of droplets formation on the leaves and grass during the winter session and that would be feel good factor for those who make their morning walks. The water droplets which forms as part of the due formation over the night and the leaves sparkle with renewed energy of their own. And this nature beauty can be only enjoyed for few minutes, as when the sun rise and the sun rays falls on the same the droplets would vanish for sure. Morning mist, morning breeze, and the voices of birds and the light sun rise on the eastern horizon would bring greater thinking process and if you happen to live near two mountains the sun rise between the two would be enchanting to watch and enjoy. The greatness of this nature that it vanishes immediately and not everyone can feel and enjoy.
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    Everyone is aware of the beauty of the dew drops that the author has presented in his article and the author has told it very beautifully. When I was young and used to wake up early in the morning to prepare for school on cold days, I used to go to the terrace every day to pluck a rose flower, which would pluck the flower for the idol of Goddess Saraswati in my prayer room. When I used to go near the plants to collect flowers, the leaves of each plant and the small bells growing in the pots were covered with these dew drops, which I felt great pleasure by touching. This was such a beautiful experience of a winter morning.

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    Morning dew sparkling on the leaves and blades of grasses indicate the beauty of nature. And beauty in this form is worth watching. I generally get lost while appreciating the beauty. Adding to this beauty is the low and melodious chirping sound from the ever busy birds. All these make the mornings very enjoyable.

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    During the morning time, especially in the winters, the small droplets of water on the vegetation is a charming sight. They are not only the wonder of nature but also are a refreshing scenery for all of us.
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    The author reminds us of the joy of touching sparkling dew drops.
    Very satirically the author has also pointed out that it needs some will power to come out of the cozy blankets in winter

    The thread indirectly hints that if we are ready to shed our inhibitions and come out of our comfort zone then there are a lot for us to enjoy. True.

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