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    Akhilesh having opted out of fray will the UP polls further advantage BJP?

    Interesting things are happening in the UP politics, as once strong and formidable Samajwadi Party chief, Akhilesh Yadav annouced that he will not contest the coming elections , however his party would have alliance with RLD and seats sharing also finalised. This is the important development in UP politics when the uinited opposition wants to put brave fight against the Yogi government and preventing BJP coming back to power, the non contest of SP cheif paves way for smooth winning for BJP. How Mamta Banerjee who is also interested to enter the UP politics and prevent from BJP surge again would take this happening as there is no formidable force except Mayawati who may prove to be challenger.
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    U.P. is going to give tough fights to all parties. Nothing can be predicted about the result. BJP is losing its ground. People are fed up with all the old tricks of political parties. Anti-incumbency is going to play an important role in upcoming elections. Priyanka has emerged as a centre of eyes, especially, for female voters. Keshav Prasad Morya and CM have a big and high ridge of differences. The backward caste vote is standing behind Dy CM. Mayawati is no more very active to woo voters. If other parties like AAP and congress emerge may give away to bjp. Another aspect of the emergence of the Congress party is that brahman voters may go for the congress party. It means it will dent the bjp vote bank.
    SP has fair chances of winning U.P. this time provided that their vote is not scattered. However, it is not possible to expect that their vote will remain intact.

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    As you say SP has good chance to win but not interested and Mayawati no more active, then the table tilts to BJP.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Nothing can be predicted as of now. There are different talks and we exactly don't know the pulse of the people at this moment. There are very strong supporters of the present CM of the State. In the same way, there are some strong supporters of Mayavathi and Yadav also. Now Priyanka Gandhi is also emerging as a strong leader there. But if we see the overall situation definitely the chances for BJP appears to be more when compared to the chances to other parties.
    Why Akhilesh is not interested in elections is not known. Maybe some fear of losing or to concentrate more on the development of the party than his individual candidature. Anyhow if all the oppositions come together and fight with BJP they may have more chances. But the chances of all the parties getting united is very difficult and when more people who are interested in power can't work together. Anyhow, let us go on observing the happenings there and wait for the elections.

    always confident

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    There might be some turmoil in the coming election in the UP since congress is trying its best to woo the voters. Priyanka's face is being seen regularly in the different parts of the country campaigning in favour of voting congress. I don't know how far she will be successful to woo the voters since still three months are away for the election to take place in UP.
    Samajwadi Party might exert influence in the upcoming election. The main cause of displeasure might be the spiral of consumable food items and the prices of petroleum products inching up steadily over the time.

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