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    Cow coming in support of dog being harrased

    At a time when the passerby goes without caring as to what is happening to the person on the road, I came across a video in which a person tries to strangle a dog which rises huge noise for help and a cow nearby having sensed something wrong, attacked the person for grounded him much to the astonishing of the people standing over there. Where the humanity is going ? Why people get pleasure in suppressing the rights of free moments of animals ? Why the passerby never objected to dog being strangled ? What is your observation on the matter ?
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    I saw such a viceoclip today in the news app Dailyhunt.
    If it is not a doctored clip, then we have to believe that animals are far better than humans. Animals are kind and come to the rescue of suffering fellow animals. I had read many reports and seen video clips of pet animals helping their human masters.
    Humans who simply click pictures of accodents without bothering to help them should be ashamed.

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    Many a time animals behaved more sensibly and responsibly than human being.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This incident not only shows the end of humanity but also indicates that the person has no state of mind. What I mean here is that a human forgets humanity, that is, he does not give value to the feelings of the people and lives life according to his selfishness. But such a disgusting act with a dumb person is showing some psychological problem. Animals also have full rights to live life and man never has the right to give trouble to innocent animals for his entertainment, people who do such activities should be punished.

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    An animal is more loyal to the people than human beings. If you give a biscuit to a dog it will be more loyal to you and never will ditch you. But a human being very easily forgets the bits of help he received from other people and never hesitates to harm them if they feel that by harming the other person he gets benefitted.
    When we are going on the road if we see somebody getting hurt we will try to take a video of that and share that on social media. But we will never think of helping and supporting the person who is suffering. Some people ignore and go on their way without giving any attention to such issues.
    When we see a person mah handling another person, we will never try to stop them and support the innocent. We feel it is a headache and afterwards, we may get into many problems and we will try to avoid even staying there. Now we can understand who is more human. a human being or an animal.

    always confident

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