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    Does wearing a watch make you feel more punctual?

    Being punctual is one of the good habits, and probably most of us try to get everything done on time, but most of the people want to be on time for their own work but for others' work. But they are not able to make themselves as punctual for the work of others. On the other hand, some are very punctual for every little task. When we tie a wristwatch in our hands, we naturally tend to look at it again and again and with time we may be more alert, and all the work is completed correctly on time. Or it could also be that those people who are naturally punctual always keep the watch in their hands so that their work is not delayed and every small work is done on time. Have you also found such behavior or habit around you?
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    mere wearing a watch or seeing time in mobiles cannot make one punctual unless otherwise he or she keeps their mind about punctuality. My view is we should be in the place even before than late. Whenever I ask my wife or any other persons to meet in a particular place by fixing up a time, I used to stand there before 15 minutes of the time I fixed.
    My paternal uncle used to tell us if I asked to come here by 5 o clock, you should be here by five o clock but you should not start by five o clock from your place.
    Punctuality should should be in one's practice.

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    No. I don't think so. Wearing a wristwatch may not make us punctual. These days there is no need of wearing a wristwatch to know the time. Everybody is having a mobile and it will always show the time. It is not that people are not knowing the time. But they will not take time seriously. A person who wants to be punctual will plan things and act as per the plan so that he can be punctual always. But there are some people who think that they can manage the issues as they like will never worry about timings.
    Some people who are in top positions may think by not being punctual they can make others feel that they are busy. In fact, a busy person only can be more punctual as he has to attend many works and so he plans his works well and attends on time. If we are not punctual we will be wasting not only our time but also the time of other persons also.

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    I wear wrist watch punctually and is comfortable for me to know the time instantly. To know the time from mobile it takes time as we have to remove from the pocket and have to switch on. In busy places it will be not at all comfortable. From wrist watch in a fraction of second we can know the time. Wearing wrist watch always alert us to attend the works punctually.

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    A nice thread is raised by the author regarding punctuality. But as far as I am concerned I don't think there is any correlation between wearing watches and being punctual. As I like to wear wristwatches especially the fitness band as I find them really fascinating but I wear them because I like the way they look on my wrist and also as a step counter, but that has never made me punctual in any way.
    So a person can be a fan of wearing various wrist watches but it does not make him/her punctual.

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    Being punctual to work and task is the expressed condition of our life and we do not give importance to that for obvious reasons. Having a wrist watch does not induce to be punctual, as at the most it can alert us to be ready and move to the task. But I have seen that those who are wearing the wrist watch would keep the time in fast mode so that they can give lead time for pending jobs to be finished but in that melee they would override the actual time and miss the appointments. The punctuality must come from the heart and the habit to be punctual comes from the younger age. And wearing watch on the right hand makes you more concerned and involved with time because right hand moves are always positive and this way all the works would be smooth and happening as envisaged and planned by us.
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    Wrist watch is only a gadget or tool to help us in knowing the time at any point of time in our lives. It only performs that function. The real feeling of discipline comes from within. If it is there the person will be doing the jobs in time and will be very punctual. Just by having a watch like a wrist watch or a pocket watch or a watch (clock) available in our mobile will not be of much help if the person is not in a mood to work.
    Highly disciplined people take the help of a watch or glance at the clock only when they have some confusion in their mind otherwise their lives are so well ordered and disciplined that they go on working with the same pace and very well know that by that time they will finish the job in hand and then they will go for the other activity. We all have an inbuilt clock in our mind available to us for doing all things punctually and in time.

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    Wearing a wrist watch does not mean that the people conscious of timing. This being a trend followed by others to wear a wrist watch, they are doing the same. They are not punctual either. To be punctual in a job, one has to be serious with the job allotted to one. Wearing a watch would not motivate anyone for doing the jobs immediately.
    However there is the importance of the wrist watch for a busy man so that he can adjust his schedules by proper time allocation of the different jobs. The busy manager would see the time so that he may not miss the next schedule fixed already for it. In that way, the wrist watch is the vital tool for the busy people to set their timings in such a way that they can take up all the jobs for which they already planned.

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