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    Women are not much interested in the discussion related to politics or they do not have knowledge

    When we see in a group, if the group is of men, then most of the discussions in that group are about the news of the country and the world, and politics is a special topic, which it is mandatory to mention and sometimes the discussions of politics are of men. They also become the cause of arguments in the group which take a very big form. When we look at the group of women, we will find that some women are interested in the news of the country or world and also discusses something about it, but this form is very limited.

    In earlier times the level of education may have been different but in the present, a lot has changed and there has been a change in thinking. Politics has always been an integral part of education and equal education has been given to all. It is a different matter that there is a big difference between the politics told in education and the form of politics in the real world. But why are women still less interested in politics? Are they really not interested or do they not want to be a part of it due to a lack of practical knowledge regarding it.

    According to my, when every person as a citizen who is above 18 years of age has equal right to vote, whether it is a boy or a girl, then women should come forward in this direction and be a part of such discussions. Even though the knowledge of some women is less at the initial level, but such discussions and social media will prove to be helpful in increasing political knowledge.
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    I think it is not the question of male or female. It depends more on the interest of the individual. In the olden days, ladies were remaining in the house and they even were not knowing what was having outside the kitchen in this world. Even when they go for voting they used to ask their husbands and vote as per his instructions. But days are changed. Now even ladies are actively participating in politics also. If we see the meetings of political leaders we see many ladies participating in these meetings. Many are contesting in elections also and we have 30% reservations for ladies. So we see many ladies actively participating in all the discussions. If we see the news channels where discussions will be happening on various topics, we see many ladies also coming and discussing the matters very loudly and bravely. Even in villages also during the election campaigns we will see many females participating.
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    Men are generally very much interested and are always ready to discuss politics on any platform. It is also true that men are more involved in the political activities and running the political system as compared to women. With time some women are also coming on the front in the political map but their numbers are less.
    In general women have other priorities in their lives as they are busy in managing the household and have other ways of passing time than discussing politics.

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    While the circle of men is extensive, the circle of women is very limited. Though there is a gender equality, we have not achieved it. The mentality of thinking that men are to work and women are home makers has not changed. While men think about their earning, women think about home, caring and nurturing children, and feeding the family members. There is no time for women to think about anything else.

    However, things are changing now. Women are showing interest in politics too.

    I would agree that they have less knowledge of politics, but have sufficient knowledge of cosmetics.

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    In one way it is true that more women are not much interested in politics. It may be due to their priorities are quite different from men. I think it is not only India but even in so many developed countries also the same thing happening. As mostly men are involved in daily chores of outside life and they will closely come in contact with various different politics of society. This give more exposure to politics and thus they are more involved. But women's involvement in politics is also more necessary in today's modern world and definitely their involvement can give a better peaceful and progressive development of the country. Slowly women also more involved in politics of South India today. This is a good sign to the progress of any country.

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    The fact that earlier women did not have the avenue to participate in such discussions as they were so much confined in their household chores and only have those things to discuss at times also fixed their discussions related to issues of families and family-related responsibilities only.
    But many times these women, who are well versed in the knowledge of politics just don't get indulged in these debates despite having good arguments as they often see the futility of such debates in a household environment and how these debates can transcend boundaries and can take shape of quarrel among man. So it is funny to think but sometimes it is not the lack of intelligence but more intellect that women escape such futile squabbles.
    Women have always played a very important part in politics but always from the back hand as mothers and wives of kings and many a times change political equation because whenever they came at the forefront of politics they were always stigmatised like Razia Sultan.
    Even today if a woman starts to discuss politics man often don't see its importance but when she actively plays the role of politician and strategies they can't even understand the subtle moves.
    So women often just prefer not to say anything it is not they don't know things, it is just that they want to maintain peace in family because they are the ones who don't show aggression.

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    Nice thread from the author. What I have closely observed that women are not interested in politics as they have much more to do in gossiping and having lengthy talk over the phone on recipes, dress statement and other works related to home. Invariably the women keep away from politics and probably for this reason when ever a woman is given the seat of MLA or MP , even if she won, the activities are controlled by the husband and thus she is mere a person. Once I asked a woman as to why they are ignorant of current politics and why they are keeping away. To which she said, when men are over crowded in politics, we have no place to say or implement our voice and therefore sulking. Good submission indeed. Women have the capacity to override the men if they actively involve in current affairs for sure.
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    For most of women, they have the different worlds and they remain preoccupied with the activities for which they have passion. Their immediate priority is to look after their kids including their homework. Then they are fine in conversation with their friends where they would spare times in the discussion with their neighbours in varied topics and mostly in making delicious recipes, purchasing dress materials, planning for shopping etc. However, it does not mean that they are not aware of the latest developments of politics. They go through the newspapers, glueing over TV to know the latest political developments. This is the reflection of their awareness in the political arenas but discussing the same with their circles is not their priorities.

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