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    Share a Sparkling Deepavali!

    The festival of lights brings joy and happiness tomorrow. Over five days, we'll be celebrating, perhaps in a muted way, with family and friends. Wishing you all good health and prosperity. Strengthen the bonds and share the joy with those less privileged.

    While we light diyas and pray for blessings, let us not forget to keep in our prayers those who suffered and are suffering due to the pandemic. A prayer of thanks, too, to express our gratitude for all those who supported us, the doctors and caregivers, the civic staff and the health workers, those who stood on tired feet for hours every day to vaccinate us.

    Share, care, stay safe this Diwali.
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    On the occasion of Deepavali, I wish all the members of this ISC a happy, prosperous and safe Deepavali. I pray God to give all good health to all the people. Let us take an oath of helping the poor and needy in the best possible way. Instead of spending money on crackers, let us help the needy by donating that money and enjoy the festival by seeing smiles on those people. A happy Deepavali to all.
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    Deepawali is a festival of celebrations amid lights and it is basically to remove the darkness from our lives and bring light and prosperity. It is definitely a time to rejoice and have fun but we have also remember the contributions of so many people during the corona period that today we are able to have a conducive environment for celebrating it.
    I take this opportunity to wish all the members a happy and prosperous Deepawali. Let us have a cordial and friendly relation with all the people and those who can afford should help the poor and downtrodden during this festival time.

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    I like to wish all members of ISC and their families A very happy and safe Deewali. May this festival brings all happiness and love between you and your loved ones. Deewali is a celebration that also teaches us many lessons as it has a main connection with Ramayan, a great book that teaches us how to live a respectful life and play all our roles and duties in this world. I wish you all get success in your goals.

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    My Deepavali greetings to all my fellow ISCians. May this festival bring us joy and happiness. As rightly said by the author, we should not forget the people who helped to save the people from the pandemic through their sincere, dedicated service. They are still rendering their service due to the second and third waves of Covid-19. While lighting the Diyas, think and thank them for their services that facilitated us to celebrate this year's Deepavali happily.

    Don't think about firecrackers. Don't spend your hard-earned money on fireworks. Don't burn your money. Save it and help the needy.

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    A very nice thread and conjoining the festivities of Deepawali with not just praying for the family and loved ones, but sending those prayers to all the other people who suffered is really nice approach to celebrate a festival.
    May everyone have a happy, prosperous and sweet Deepawali. With lights all around and also brightening people's lives and hearts as well. A very Happy and prosperous Deepawali to all ISCians.

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    Surely the author has hit the right button to connect the tow topic to the festive enjoyment which is due in few days as after the lull and greater setbacks in everyone's life, this festivity of light would certainly bring big happiness and that should happen because as per the law of nature, good things should be experienced after the bad period. On this occasion my greetings to every citizen of India who fought the pandemic with much courage and yet never lost the confidence and we are highly indebted to doctors, front line workers and many other officers and teachers who stood by the time and taken care of the society and thus today India has become the envied country in terms of controlling the virus, achieving the great target of vaccination and thereby making every one fit to move.
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    Congratulations on the coming Diwali to all including all ISCian. Enjoy this festival of light and wake up with a sense of patriotism. Keep in mind that it is banned to use firecrackers, use green fireworks if necessary, keep the environment calm and clean.
    After Sharodiya, the Diwali festival comes, so many people's pockets are empty, again this is an inflationary market, so calculate and spend, don't waste money unnecessarily.
    Finally, celebrate Diwali together with everyone according to covid rules.

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    Wishing all the members and their families a very Happy Deepavali! As said by the author, let us keep in mind all those who have sacrificed their personal requirements and time to help us when we were (and are still) captured by the pandemic. Not that we need not celebrate but let us limit ourselves. Enjoy a safe and joyful Deepavali.
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    I wish all in the ISC family a very Happy and Sparkling Deepavali! Let's spread the light in whatever way we can so that it can reach every corner. Let there be joy, let there be compassion, let us show our responsibility towards each other.

    "Life is easier when you enjoy what you do"

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    I wish every member attached with ISC and their kith and kin the best of everything. Although we all are going through an unexpected health issue spread in India and abroad, I pray the best of health and happiness for everyone on this Diwali. May you all remain blessed always!

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    Wishing all ISC members and their families a sparkling, safe, healthy, prosperous ans smiling Diwali.
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    May this Deewali brings happiness, prosperity to your life.
    Happy Deewali to all ISCians.

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    Happy Deepavali to all the members of the India Study Channel. Enjoy this festival of lights.
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    Today we are celebrating a very important festival in our tradition. I think it is one of the festival where all other religions also will participate and enjoy the occasion together. It is the occasion of celebration of where Satyabhama killed the demon Narakasura. Similarly it is the occasion where lord Rama returned to Ayodhya after killing Ravanasura. It also said from puranas that Goddess Lakshmi was born on this day due to samudramadhana by Asura. On this auspicious occasion I wish all our ISC family members a happy, prosperous and safe Deepavali.

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    Today we all are busy with our family as there are many more household works and preparation for Diwali pooja and also for celebration.

    So here I like to wish my other family that ISC, A very happy and safe Diwali to all of you. I hope after this celebration all members back on with their active contribution to ISC.

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