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    The beauty of Sparkle can't be described and it can be visualized!!

    Nature with a beautiful flower garden with dew drops hanging from leaves of the plant and beautiful butterflies visiting the flowers will sparkle our eyes. The smile what we see when we offer a meals to a poor hungry child and that smile gives an everlasting sparkle to the viewers. A individual with purest heart without selfishness and greedy will give a dazzling sparkle with their inner beauty but not through their outward appearance. Deepavali is a festival of lights and a time of burning crackers. The light that throws from the lamps and the joy and happiness that emanates from children while bursting crackers will illuminate the sparkle and joy of this festival in every house.
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    True. It is very difficult to describe these feelings. Only we can visualize. I agree with the author. The other day I was walking home back from the temple. A small boy was sitting there and looking at the people going from there with prasadam in their hands. I have given him a banana and the happiness that appeared on his face can't be described and we can visualise the same.
    As a matter of fact, small things wi make poor people very happy. If you offer a dress to the servant maid. the happiness in her face can register in our minds forever. That is why we should practice making small donations to the really deserving cases and their happiness will bring so many blessings to us.
    Even on Deepavali day many poor boys will come and stay before the gate and if we give them some crackers their happiness knew no bounds and their face will be with full of pleasure.

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    The author has very well explained the emotions and inner happiness as the sparkle of life. It is true that some things can be felt but sometimes we cannot describe them in words. When an innocent child is crying and maybe someone is not able to understand the reason for his crying because that mother cannot speak right now and suddenly his mother comes in front of him, then the smile comes in the eyes with a smile on that child's face. This happiness is also a feeling that the child and the mother are understanding, others are feeling.

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    Very good thoughts presented by the author. Yes, there are sparkles everywhere during the Deepavali festival which is basically the festival of joy, lights and celebrations. People have fun and frolic during such festivals and depending on one's financial condition people enjoy and celebrate these occasions which are the annual highlights of fun loving people. The enjoyment will definitely be doubled and we will feel more happy and satisfied if we help the poor and needy people during this time of the year. Some people donate their old items or partially used items as they go for the new items during the festival time and that is definitely a good gesture to donate these items to some orphanage or some needy persons in the society.
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    This thread reminds me of a saying ' it is just enough to have eyes but you should really see'. That is a fact. There are many things around us which we fail to see and understand.

    This thread points to us some such examples which can kindle sparkles.

    I get some resonance with this thread essence.

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    The appreciation capacity within us would decide the factors on how we rate the things though sometimes we falter to recognize a beautiful thing before us and even undermine the creations. Sometimes we get enchanting experience of enjoying the nature with much sparkle in our eyes. For example I am fond of water falls and try to spend much time at such places where the falls keep on doing its duty as if we have come there to witness the happenings. From where the water is coming and why it is not getting over is the big question always linger in my mind. And the way the flowers bloom on the road meridians in Hyderabad is also a enchanting site to witness during these days as if the God has created the moment for us enjoy and have some relax. Gifted are those who connect to the nature instantly and express their happiness forthwith.
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