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    Those sparkle eyes are an ocean full of experiences.

    The head of every family, our elders are our pride, who still hold a special place in the family. When we see an elderly person, the sparkle in their eyes is somewhat different, which may increase with age. Those sparkling eyes are an ocean full of experiences. But still, we find that those sparkling eyes are longing to share their experiences with their loved ones and wonder how they can reach their loved ones with the knowledge they have got from their life. They are not with them even though they are on the surface of their elders. Living together in a house is not just about being together but it is also important to be together.

    Our grandfather or maternal grandfather, who contributes the most in building the foundation of the family we are a part of today, and every child and elder in the family find peace in whose arms, be it our grandmother or grandmother. The woman who once completely handled the responsibilities of the family, even today she asks in a stuttering voice, do you need my help? Then why is it that in some families today there are tears in those sparkling eyes and as soon as someone asked lovingly, those tears spilled out...

    This Diwali takes a pledge for the elders of the family, take special care of those sparkling eyes, and even if tears are there in their eyes, then it should be only for happiness. We must give a lot of love and respect to elders, and it is our destiny to have made us worthy. Those sparkling eyes, filled with the ocean of their experiences, look for you every moment. You indeed need them more than they need you. Don't let your loved ones get away from you for any reason because their world is with you, and your world is with them.

    Look deep into those sparkly eyes you are the one for their happiness so come on and give them happiness and make those eyes sparkle even more, and with the blessings of those sparkling eyes, your life will flourish or sparkle even more.

    This is my entry for the TOW contest.
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    Fortunate are the people who are surrounded with generations of experiences, wisdom and sparkles. These sparkles in the old eyes tell us about the joys and sorrows seen by them in course of the journey of life full of challenges and responsibilities. These eyes also tell us how to overcome the hurdles confidently.
    Truly said by the author, the beholder of these sparkling eyes should be given due respect , happiness and love.

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    This is so wonderful write-up about the elders of the house their sparkling eyes full of stories. I have always been a kid too attached to my grandparents. And roaming around them like butterflies all day long but they never got irritated and always listened to all my blabber.
    I still like to spend time with my grandmother as much as I can but there is never a dearth of stories as she always has a few more to tell and I always listen to those stories so dumbfounded. I wish she could have had better opportunities in her childhood as she tells me how easy it is for today's kids from her times and how much things have changed.
    I lost my grandmother 2 years ago and still miss him so much. Every time I see an elderly man I try to help him in whatever manner possible. It always, makes me feel like I somehow connect with my grandfather in this way. He used to buy whatever I wished for and pampered me. Now, I am in another city but whenever I meet an elderly person I always see in their sparkling eyed glimpses of my grandparents.

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    Elders are very important in our family. They have got enough experience and they are actually our guides. Only thing is we should approach them for the guidance. It is also our prime responsibility to take care of them and make them happy. We must understand that they had done a lot of hard work in raising the family and now they are old and weak and cannot do anything but if we give them respect and due honour then they will have happy time in their old age.
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    Gifted are those who have the august presence of elders at home as they not only guide the younger ones to the best of life through their ocean of experience, and their mere presence itself would give greater satisfaction for grand children. Come festive days, the elders would be ready with gifts for the children and the cash rewards are the exceptions. Elders feel that their old age should be full of busy by playing with the grand children and this is what they would be yearning for the years together. Not understanding this when the grand children are away in foreign countries and when the grand parents talk to them through the video calls surely their emotions could be seen as the crying come out of emotions and that is unabated. Grand parents always added crown to the family and their presence is great importance every time.
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    A nice suggestion from the author and it should be practised in every house by all. We may be sitting on a gold mine what is the use if we are not able to take it out and make money. Similarly when there are elders in the house who can understand the issues better because of the experience they have and the life they have seen. But if we are ignorant and never care for their suggestion and never lend our ears to them, what is the use of having them with us.
    Elders who have seen life will always have a better solution for the problems these days we are facing. They might have experienced similar situations. So they will be more confident and they may come out with a very good suggestion for solving the tasks we have in our lives.
    My wife will make a phone call and ask my mother about some issues where my wife is not able to come to a conclusion about the way to be adopted. My mother will suggest some solution based on her experience and my wife will go ahead with the suggestion given by my mother. It is always the best way to consult an experienced person who can understand the situation better and show us a clean and useful path for our success.

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    The thread has included some realistic thoughts using the keyword topic.

    It is very ironic that tears ooze out of our eyes when we are either too happy or very sad. However, the sparkle comes only when we are really happy.

    Unfortunately we do not get to see such sparkles in the eyes of the elders nowadays either due to cataracts or apathy by family members. The other day I was quite impressed by a clip on Whatsapp which showed some pictures of the facilities in Japan for the benefit of old people. In our country also w need to do such good things. It needs to start from homes and families.

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