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    Andhra Pradesh. An unfortunate State

    Initially, Andhra Pradesh was a part of the united Madras state. When there was a big struggle and Potti Sriramulu sacrificed his life, a new state of Andhra Pradesh formed, Kurnool as its capital. After that, a part of the Nizam government was merged with this state and a new united Andhra Pradesh was formed and Hyderabad was its capital. Again due to some selfish politicians Telangana was separated and the most developed Hyderabad remained with Telangana. The residuary Andhra Pradesh was without a good city which can be made its capital. The promises made by the party which was in ruling at the time of separation in the centre and the present ruling party in the centre were never fulfilled and the present state government is not able to manage the situation properly. The State is at the top of the list of States when they are written in Alphabetic order but in other matters, it will be only in the last position.
    On this State formation day of Andhra Pradesh, I wish and hope that the state will progress will in the comings days. I wish all the best to all the residents of AP
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    Don't come to a conclusion that s state is fortunate or unfortunate due to its geographical position and boundary lines. Look at the people and their happiness. I am sure that the people of Andhra Pradesh are very happy in their life. AP is a well-developed state. I find Andhrites looking cheerful and happy inside AP and outside AP.
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    If I remember correctly, in 1953 Andhra State was formed by bifurcating the erstwhile Madras State. In 1956, Andhra Pradesh was formed by merging Telangana and Andhra.
    Correct me if I am wrong.
    The recent division of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh is not a good move. Already many people are thinking of the merger of these two states as none prospered under the present regime. It is wise to combine these two States and will be beneficial to both regions. At present Andhra Pradesh is in a very deplorable condition financially.

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    I may be a little late, but congratulations to everyone on this special day, November 1 is also celebrated as the foundation day of Madhya Pradesh state. Partition or restoration of the state is hardly anything new for any state as we can see a lot of changes in it since the independence of 1947. The most important thing is the vox of a particular state or place. Although we do well with different states, our real identity is our country, where we find the identity of unity and division and the development of the country is important on the surface of the development of the states.

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    On the occasion of AP formation day, my best goes to each and every citizen of that state. When the erstwhile rulers who were in the helm of affairs as the CM of United AP then, always neglected the wants of Telangana region and over the period of time the preferential treatment given to Andhra and Rayalseema at the cost of hate to Telangana has been taken to the heart by the people here and thus sustained demand for separate state was also realized by the center and acceded. But who is stopping AP to get in development mode. The people are good at managing themselves because they stand on self respect and being rich with all counts, AP can be the top for every time not only in name and even in the performance. They need not wait for center with begging bowl instead show the world that they can recover from scrap on their own.
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    There are many reasons for division of a state but after the division the relative merits of the two new states will be distinguishably seen by the people based on their revenue generation, tax collection, natural mineral wealth, employment potential and other such consideration. Naturally there could be differences on that front and one state might look lagging in many respects than the other one. If such a thing is happening with AP in comparison to Telangana then it is a matter to be pondered and state people would be suffering because of that partitioning.
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