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    We paid 1,30,127 cr GST for Oct 21. Please reduce Petrol price forthwith

    Indians have become more sincere in paying GST every month and collections net is increasing as transactions takes place under UPI and every dealing is accounted for resulting in whooping collections of GST to the tune of 1,30,127 cr across the country and the nation is happy. But the spiraling fuel prices has made the common man to use the public transport and fuel price increase leading to rise of prices in all fronts. Please join me to appeal for reduction of petrol price forthwith as collective demand always matters.
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    Of course, I support your appeal for a reduction in fuel price, especially petrol that affects the common man. We can call petrol a common mans' personal requirement to run bikes, scooters and cars. Whereas diesel is a commercial requirement for public passenger transports, goods vehicles, trains and generators. The little hike in diesel price may not affect the business community seriously as they can afford it. They can make it with a bit of increase in the fare charged. None of the two-wheelers run on diesel except a few luxury cars owned by the affordable class.

    Diesel is for earning and Petrol is for spending.

    I would say that hike in diesel should be acceptable, but a heavy reduction in petrol price is the need of the hour. Petrol should be sold at a rate 50% of the diesel rate. If diesel costs Rs. 100/ per litre, petrol should cost only Rs. 50/- per litre.

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    Over the past days, the petrol price increased by 34 rupees which need to be reverted back.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    A hike in diesel will increase the transportation cost and hence the rates of all commodities will also increase as there is a portion included for transportation in fixing the rate. That component will increase if there is an increase in diesel price. So both petrol and diesel and all other petroleum products should be brought down. The price of diesel today is about Rs.107/- in Hyderabad. The State government and Central government should have a look into this price hike and see that these products are also brought into the scope of GST. That will reduce the price of petroleum products drastically. If it is not done, definitely the repercussions will be very high and the ruling parties will face the music in the coming election.
    It is good that GST collection is increasing day by day and the governments are getting better income through this GST. The government should think and see that the prices of these petroleum products will come down. Otherwise. they are going to face a difficult situation in the next elections. The governments should realise that they should work for the betterment of the nation and the people country should be happy. Then only they will win the confidence of the people.

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    It is really a successful step that the government of the country has received GST in such a large amount and now the government should reduce the burden of excess inflation on the public. This is true that a large number of the population is suffering due to the hike in the price of petrol and transportation is being costly for them. In fact as per the newspaper when we see the last three GST this is the highest one. We can not appeal that they should decrease the price at too low as of sudden but at least a balanced price should be there that can be easily affordable by people.

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    Abnormal increase in the price of any commodity is a matter of serious concern for the government. In such situation government has to take some actions to control the increase of price of that commodity. If the commodity is like petrol or diesel or electricity or something of that nature then it becomes more serious because the increase in price of that commodity affects the price of other commodities in the market because there is a chain reaction from one end to other.
    Why government is not taking an action on that and is not able to control the prices in petrol and diesel segment is a matter of much disappointment for the general public as well as the business community. There are many business units which are suffering adversely due to this steep price rise in petrol and diesel.
    Because the tax collected by the government goes to the centre as well as states so both should now sit together and find out a solution for this problem either by reducing the tax or by diverting some funds towards subsidizing the increase in price in this area.

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    The appeal will be supported by everyone but can the nation be happy, if its people are not? The problem is nobody listens to such appeals, otherwise, the fuel prices could have been reduced much earlier. Earlier the fuel prices were not dependant on the international market and surprisingly now when the prices in the international market reduce the prices do increase at times. Why is it so? Why the government is always passing the buck saying they have no role in the fuel prices? They have a role in everything in the country and when it comes to the fuel they seem helpless. I do not know how long this will remain acceptable to everyone.

    Sun @#745784, I fail to understand your logic of petrol is for spending, diesel for earning and the proposed prices of the two fuels. How you are saying that the price hike in diesel will not much affect the business community as they can increase the fares? Who is paying the fares here? I am sure the salary of those who are paying the fares are not increased daily according to the price hike. Please do clarify what you meant to say.


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    I think price hikes and inflation about essential commodities always bring a burden on common people. Oil or gas price hike has nothing to do with GST. The government takes taxes to run the country smoothly. It has a big responsibility to bring welfare schemes for people as well. Government officials or spokespersons give their own logic and reason for inflation. This matter is not in our hands so we can only discuss this issue on forums but we can't compel the government to bring down oil prices because so much amount of GST has been collected.
    Life is becoming difficult for common people, especially, poor people who don't have sufficient earnings.

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    Mohanji's voice carries a lot of influence. The Union government reacted positively by reducing excise duty on petrol and diesel. The excise duty is reduced by Rs 5/ lt on petrol, and Rs 10/ lt on diesel. Let us congratulate Mohanji for his appeal which was taken notice of by the Union Government and acted favorably. The Union government also appealed to the State governments to reduce the Value Added Tax on these two products.

    This can be also due to the recent election results in Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, and Karnataka.

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    The reduction was just five rupees on petrol when the hike was over 34 rupees in recent past.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    ^ I think poor performance of bjp in by-elections has caused this reduction

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