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    Change is always required to fight boredom in our lives

    Whenever we are doing a job monotonously then a stage comes when we start feeling bored with that. It is obvious that at that time we require a change from that activity either to some other activity or to have some leisure time for ourselves. A job may be big or small but there comes a stage when a person doesn't like to continue it due to the natural reasons of feeling bored with it. So the essence of this discussion is that change is required in our lives time to time to keep us fresh and rejuvenated for continuing the same job or to go for the next job in the sequence. What is your experience in this regard? Do you yearn for a change often or continue with the same job for a longer duration? Please share your experiences as well as views on this topic.
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    That is true. Doing the same job continuously for more time is very boring. That is why we try something different in between. There is an art called Harikatha. In that, the artists will explain some Puranas like Bharatam. Bhagavatam and Ramayanam etc. While performing that, in between the artist will tell some normal stories which are not relevant to the main story. This he will do to bring back interest and enthusiasm in the listeners there. In the same way, by doing something different in between we will come out of our boredom.
    While I was continuously going to the office, I used to plan my work in such a way that I will never get bored with the work. I used to go to works for some time and the remaining time in the office. That way I never felt bored in the job. In the same way, now I also plan my works intermittently only so that I will be enthusiastic throughout the day doing something or other.

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    Nice thread from the author. We are not that strong to sustain the jobs which are routine and sometime we hate to continue with tasks and thus there must be break from boredom. If the work is of same mode and no deviation from daily routine, we tend to get the stagnation of interest towards the work. For example if you happen to travel by two wheeler to the work and back which is of long distance, try this. Go to the office through other route, and come back home on another route. Why because going by the same route we tend to get the fatigue and boredom and the distance being long, we may not like to travel at all. One thing is sure, giving a break to work would not only enhance our performance next but also have the energy to think differently if happens to get into challenging mode for that matter.
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    The author is right when we do any work continuously feeling boredom with the same work is quite obvious and to get rid of this boredom one should change his/her ways of work or apply some other changes too. Taking a break from the work is a good way to give a change yourself but the thing that is more important is what you are doing between this break time or how you utilize this time. There are many works that may make us feel bored but it's our need to do them and for this, a break with our favorite hobby can help us.

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