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    The sparkle of exorbitant prices in the market has dampened the flame of this Diwali

    With every day that passes by, the prices in the market go higher and higher. The sparkle of hope that Diwali brings at every home of the country suddenly seems too dim to even notice because of the tremendous high prices of every necessary commodity in the market. The government can take the fireworks away from the common man, but Diwali is the celebration of light in every aspect. It includes happiness, togetherness, and connectivity however now that we look around us all we see is dysconnectivity from each other. The prices hike of petrol, Diesel, Gas, vegetables, etc have resulted in the slow demise of the common man like that we have never witnessed, it has become more and more difficult to survive every passing day as affordability becomes nil for many. And as Diwali approaches, there is a sight of the sparkle of hope but that sparkle is dimmed yet again by the sparkle of high prices.
    With such high stakes and such high prices, do you think we can even celebrate this festival of light?

    This is my entry to the threat competition entry.
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    The author did a good attempt to connect the present-day prices situation to the Tow topic. There is a steady increase in the prices of many essential items and middle-class people are suffering a lot. For the poor, the government is giving free items but middle-class families will not get any consolation from the government also. They are the real sufferers. They are really not able to manage their expenses with the little income they are earning.
    The prices of petroleum products are increasing every day. So the prices of all other products also increasing. Hence people may not be able to celebrate this festival very happily. Even the prices of firecrackers are also very high and it is difficult for a common man to purchase them to celebrate Deepavali with firecrackers. so they may perform at a low level without spending a lot of money by borrowing from others. Hope there will be some improvement in the coming days and prices will come down.

    always confident

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    When the ban of crackers were announced before hand, some of the fire crackers manufacturers stopped making them and what ever old stocks were there, they have tried to dispose off with lesser price. But when it comes to real selling by resale, the margin is more than 100 percent as the risk element of selling the crackers are more. That is the reason being so the cracker prices has gone up and cannot be reached by the hands of middle class. One thing is sure even the China crackers were banned last Diwali itself and therefore what ever is available for sale are sold at high prices and we the people must desist from buying and nothing would go wrong without sparkle presence in Deepavali. Any way the author has connected the tow topic with the rise in prices of sparkle that is beyond the imagination of the people.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Inflation will always be there in the market and every year there will be some rise of price over the last year. Particularly in this year we are seeing slightly more price as compared to earlier years because during the last one and half year the business had suffered a lot and now the businessmen are trying to recover their part of profits by increasing the present prices.
    One thing which I have observed now is that the prices are on the increasing but the bargain is also going on in the market and if you are a shrewd customer and if you can continue bargaining for some time then the shopkeeper will be giving discounts also. I think we should try to get some good price by insisting for good discount during the festival period.
    Please note that the supply of goods is more in the market than their demand and in such a situation actually prices should fall but surprisingly they are going up negating the basic economic principles.

    Knowledge is power.

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    True, that with the increase in prices and rate of inflation many things are getting vanished from the reach of the common man. And festivals are one of the biggest events which on the one hand brings happiness everywhere but also brings at the fore inequalities in the society. A time where you will prosperity and on the other hand poverty.
    And the rate at which prices are increasing many groups are being pushed down from middle class to below the poverty line.
    Festival, where we flaunt the extravagance, shows the great divide in the society and people who get affected by inflation the most and snatch away the smiling sparkle of a common man.

    "It is hardest thing in the world to be good thinker without being a good self examiner"

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    With a satirical title the author has dealt upon a realistic truth we face in our daily life.

    Though the author sounds despondent about future, I am sure that future is positive and the present difficulties are just temporary ;like the difficulties we face when a new road is built or a new house is constructed. Once the making concludes from hence it will be nice days ahead.

    A good news of lowering the taxes on petrol and diesel have come out after posting of this thread. So that much positive.

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