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    Out of the box thinking sparkles every creation

    Be it a write-up on ISC, or a flower arrangement, even in day to day cooking or consider God's various creations from nature to human beings, or any other living existence sparkle due to the out of the box thinking, isn't it? There are sportsmen all around, but very few get national and international recognition just because of their sparkling performance. But the question is, why only some become extraordinary? The answer is: improvisation in their playing technique makes them achievers of a higher level. Every artist is not Picasso or Nandalal Bose, or all poets cannot be Rabindranath Tagore or William Shakespeare, and that's because they had some extra spark. Such is the case in every field, and God, the creator of the universe, is not different either.

    The birth of human beings is the supreme creation of the Almighty because of the potentialities He imparted in them. The other living entities do not match up to the abilities of humans. Be it Mother Nature or flora and fauna: all lack the logical reasoning ability that people have. No wonder! Human beings are the product of the Almighty's out of the box thinking.

    Every creation is good, but some become extraordinary and heart touching, and they sparkle because of their inherent qualities. Although human beings are God's sparkling creation because they possess intellect, still some of the people demean themselves by treading the wrong path. Naturally, they become a black spot on humankind and negatively impact the creative ability of the heavens. Thus, out of the box thinking in a righteous direction sparkles every creation, let the maker be human beings or the God Himself.

    My submission for the TOW Contest
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    That is always true. Out of the box, thinking gives the best solutions to the problems we encounter in our lives. Generally, when the problems we start thinking about the ways to solve that problem or when we have to do work we will make a plan of execution. While doing so we keep so many limitations in our mind and we plan within the space available only. But if you forget about those limitations think in a broader way we can do things in a very superior way.
    Even in the offices also when the managers think about an issue they will keep even small issues also in mind and hence they may not be able to do the best planning. But the top bosses who never know the difficulties in execution will think out of the box and come out with the best plans.
    A good submission from the author and her out of the box thinking may make her sparkle. Definitely, people who think out of the box can sparkle better.

    always confident

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    The author also gives a glimpse of her out-of-the-box thinking for the TOW contest. This is actually a beautiful thread presented by the author and we must apply this while being creative. A creation by anyone needs lots of passions, knowledge interest but also open and expand thinking. As human beings, we are capable to think about whatever we want and also making it real. If you want to make yourself iconic then you must use this creative power to create something unique with your thinking.

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    Not everyone has out-of-the-box thinking. Those who had so had made some mark and achievements.
    The thread says this by citing various examples. There seems some spark of out-of-the-box thinking in this thread also.

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    It is believed that the innovative minds can think in an out of the box way because they want to design or make something which would be more useful and helpful to the people in general. The persons who have a feeling of well being of the society in general and well being of the people in particular generally think in creative, constructive, and positive ways and many times they are instrumental in devising things for the overall welfare of the people. So it is true that everyone cannot think in an out of the box manner but if the people align their thoughts for doing good to others then with that broad mindedness they could probably find out unique solutions to the existing problems by thinking in an out of the box way.
    Knowledge is power.

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