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    Easy sweets for Deepavali-Traditional and tasty

    Easy to make sweet recipes such as Rabri- Thickened sweetened milk having wholesome cream over it filled with toppings of dry fruits, cardamoms and saffron is one the easiest way to make sweet and yet very tasty. Rasmalai- This is also cream based sweet added with kesri as the toppings. Besan Ladoo- the must variety of sweet very easy to make with Channa flour and toppings with dry fruits. Same way Sooju laddu can also be made with Upma Rava and added with Sugar and toppings of almonds. All the above varieties take very less time and yet have the grand taste of traditional sweet without which Deepavali seems to be incomplete, No doubt we get sweets from relatives and friends, but the one made at home with our hands would always be cherished by the house members and also the visitors who comes to exchange the pleasantries for the festival.
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    The easiest sweet dish that can be made in the house is payasam. This payasam can be made with rice or vermicelli or sabudana. One of the above three items will be mixed in boiling milk and enough sugar will be added and then allowed for some time to get it cooked completely. People may add cashew and other dry fruits to it to have a better taste.
    But these days many people are not making sweets in the houses as varieties of sweets are available in the market and they can save time by buying them as per the liking of the individuals. Another point is sweets are less consumed these days as many people are having either diabetic problem or overweight problem. So people prefer purchasing a little quantity and consuming it rather than making it in the houses.

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    We make, Gulaab-Jamun, Laddus, and Baloosai in sweets on the occasion of Diwali also some chuda. I also make coconut laddus, the recipe is also very simple. Diwali is a festival that is full of joy and happiness, making sweets, buying clothes, decorated houses with lighting and diyaas all are important steps to celebrate this in India.

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    In our family, we are contended with Athirasam, Susiyam and Mundiri Kothu the standard special sweet dishes made during Deepavali. Athirasam and Mundiri Kothu can be preserved for many days. We don't go to any sweet-meat shop and buy sweets.
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    Semiya kesari, Ravva laddus, Minapa laddus, Semiya payasam, coconut and jaggery mixed laddus are one of the things that can easily be prepared. Gulab jamoons can easily prepared with ready mix packs available in markets. As most of the people prefer to have less intake of sweets due to health reasons are opting to get little quantity of sweets from sweet shops. Deepavali festival's speciality is sweets and we can really enjoy the sweets if they are made in home itself. Exchange of sweets with neighbour's, friends and relatives is common tradition in everywhere in India.

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