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    Do you think that there should not be a complete ban of firecrackers?

    Kolkata high court has ordered to ban the production, marketing, and use of firecrackers in Bengal during the upcoming festivities to safeguard people's right to breathable clean air. Only green fireworks like wax or oil-based diyas can be used. There are many reasons behind pollution of environment but why such ban on such things which is using since ancient time for religious purpose also. Is it so dangerous for society? Or there may be another reason? What is your thinking?
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    The author must know that crackers are made by using hazardous chemicals which not only create huge pollution setback for the place where the crackers are burst but also the health of the people at stake. Aasthma patients, those having breathing problems and those who are weak at heart cannot withstand the huge sounds emanated from the crackers. HC of Kolkatta and many state governments are very serious about Deepavali crackers and they banned forthwith. But illegal sales are going on and the people who does not care for their health nor others, would buy for sure and burst the same. I feel total ban on the firecrackers should be done across the country and the fire works factories can make safety matches and this way the workers need not be terminated for no making of crackers. There need to be lateral thinking.
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    That is always true. Banning completly firecrackers may create some unrest among the people. We all are habituated to using firecrackers on some special occasions. Hindus use them on Deepavali day. Similarly, people from other faiths will also use them for some of their festivals. So if we ban them completely definitely all the people will be unhappy and they will try to resort to agitations. So there should be some concession. Last year there was a time slot in which people can consume firecrackers. Similarly, this year also the courts can decide some time slot of one or two hours during which time people can use firecrackers and if they extend beyond the permitted time fine can be imposed on them. I think this system may work better.
    Anyhow the consumption of firecrackers is coming down due to the hike in the rates of these items and a common man can't afford to spend a lot of money on this. So slowly we have to bring in the change and we can't tighten in just one attempt. I feel.

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    There should be some modification in the making process of crackers and then it should allow firecrackers but only up to some extend. I am also in favor of the protection of the environment but as this festival is associated with crackers also so we can not say there should be a complete ban on them and it may also not work properly because we see people never follow such rules. So the best way is to save the environment, and also think about the emotions of people associated with the festival is to change some process in the modification of crackers and use fewer chemicals that do not affect our environment badly.

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    It is stupid to ban the use of complete crackers. There are fireworks that don't pollute the environment. How beautiful it looks when the rocket goes up into the sky and sparkles in different forms and colours. These are the inventions. That should be praised and the manufacturers should be appreciated. Of course, the crackers that cause noise pollution and severe air pollution should be banned completely. There are lacs of people working in firework factories. We should not make them to starve, by banning complete fireworks.

    To compensate for the loss, we should increase the cost of matchboxes. A matchbox containing 50 match sticks can cost Rs. 5/-

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    Certainly we must take care of human and animal health living in our surroundings and the banning of firecrackers during the Deepavali Festival must be welcome. Pollution might multiply with the engagement of the people for the Deepavali Celebrations. That is one of the aspects but the pressing need is to take care of health of senior citizens not in position to take enough rest due to the the continuous sound emanating from the firecrackers. The pollution level soars high this time due to continuous cracklings of the crackers. If such a decision has been promulgated from the side of high court, people should respect the decision and accordingly proper follow up is to be made. Other states should also take note of this and the same should be implemented even in their states with the proper appeal of the people for such an observance.

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    Burning crackers is an old age practice of Hindu culture during Deepavali festival time. I don't like the banning of of burning of crackers during this time. Instead of this we can limit the burning of crackers for few hours only on the festival day. Those Deepavali items that give sparkles, colorful lights, flower pots, bhoo chakras, etc. that don't cause sound pollution to be allowed. The crackers industry providing employment to lakhs of people for the whole year. Burning of of crackers give a special look to the festival and without that there is no
    Color to this festival.

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    Firecrackers are not only used during the Deepavali festival but they are also used on many other occasions. So there is a demand of firecrackers and there is a business model available for the same. Only thing is government should allow firecrackers software sultanat strength so that they do not harm the people and people can safely use them. Another important thing is the pollution created in the atmosphere so new technologies are there which are inventing green firecrackers which do not pollute the environment.
    The citizen should also take care in using the firecracker and should not buy the ones which are above the stipulated limits. Court order may not be much effective in these matters until the people understand these things and take care of themselves and adhere to the safety of their lives during the festival period.

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