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    All About New Year Resolutions!

    A lot of times we all hear New Year's resolutions and I also tried to make New Year's resolutions.

    New Year's celebrations mean that someone wants to correct or make more mistakes in the past year.

    I made decisions in advance, but, like everyone else, it breaks me down. But this time I will stick to my decisions and I will change.

    I wrote down some of the resolutions I wanted to make this year and I respected them. The most important thing is the organization. I do not usually manage my work and therefore end up with unfinished homework and projects. So this year I plan to be more efficient and organized so that I can complete the task on time and not have to wait for the task assigned to me.

    Second, I want to be a good reader. I have heard that reading is a good habit, but even though I have enough time, I rarely take the time to read. So, I decided to set aside some time each day to read a chapter or book to improve my knowledge and reading pleasure.

    The other part I want to improve is the time I spend online. They sit for hours before the program, I know it's just a waste of time. I decided to reduce and improve the time I spent skiing rather than visiting websites and chatting.

    Another electronic device that has become addicted to the Internet is the mobile phone. I talk on the phone for many hours, wasting my time and money not knowing the negative effects it can have. I cut down on the most important things and decided to spend the rest of my time doing something worthwhile or spending more time with my family.

    Now, I am committed to my decisions and I am ready to correct myself to be a better person for myself and for society.
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    Good that you have made your new year resolutions well in advance and you want to maintain those resolutions without breaking them. It is a very nice thought and I wish that you will stand on your new year resolutions and follow them sincerely and enjoy the fruits.
    Many people make many resolutions every year. But they will not follow them and they break them a number of times and come out with some excuses. Why make them and break them.
    I have no habit of making any resolutions and I follow my normal lifestyle always. I adjust to the conditions and manage the work as required from time to time.
    People who are working in private organisations may know about Key result areas(KRAs). The employees will be asked to list out their important areas and what is that they are planning to achieve in the coming year. Generally, this planning will start in the month of November and will be ready by January first of every year. The increments and promotions will be decided based on the percentage achievement of KRAs.

    always confident

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