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    How to increase interest in sports?

    Although naturally we have some likes and dislikes and also have our own form of interest or dislike, still sometimes on the basis of the demand of time and situation, we should also do those work in which we may not be interested but know about it. is important. Sports has been one such subject for me, but I feel it is important to have knowledge of sports. Now the biggest problem that comes to me is that I sometimes like to watch some sports like cricket, football, etc. But apart from the Indian cricket team, I do not have any information about any sport and its players. Now if I want to increase my interest in sports, should I collect information or watch sports even without interest. Or is not knowing about sports is not a bad thing? What is your opinion, should we make uninteresting things also our interesting.
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    The best way in getting interested in sports is to watch the game many times. But not on the TV screen but in the field. I will tell my own experience. In our village, we were having a badminton court. After school, we used to gather there and watch our seniors playing the game. Slowly after watching for a few days I started playing myself and I developed such an interest in the game that I never stopped playing till I went to university.
    Another way is to watch the big players who are playing regularly and take them as our role models and practise the game aiming to get to the position of your role model. Many people were inspired by the name Tendulakar got and they started playing cricket.
    Another aspect is the guidance that we get from our family members and teachers. If any of our family members is good at a particular sport or game, we will also get interested in that game.

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    How to create interest in sports must come from the young age during the schooling when our classmates would make a group and inculcate the habit of playing. Once started playing, the involvement would be deeper and that gives rise to classic and very good performance to be appreciated by all. Some sports like football, cricket and other indoor games are school oriented and if the students want to be more serious in the game, he or she need to go deeper and explore good new techniques to outsmart the other performers. What I had observed that those who want to excel in studies, would get rid of sports and those who choose sports as profession for sure, they have to forgo education for sure. The peer group with whom we behave also matters to have good following of the sports and its interest to us.
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    Some interests are innate and natural from your childhood and some need to be developed by practising or directly getting involved in the game you wish to develop an interest in. If you wish to better understand cricket, watch all matches of the Indian cricket team and you will know the opponent cricketers as well as understand cricket better.
    I think for any sports, watching matches would help understand the games better and we get to know more players and their countries as well. So watch matches of your favourite team or player in each sport, you will develop an interest in sports.

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    Thank you all for your suggestions. I feel sometimes we also have to grow interested in those things that may uninteresting things for us but if the time demand to do so then we should do it.

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