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    Thoughts regarding additional power consumption during Diwali.

    There is no doubt that we all are very excited about the festival coming after two days, why not, after all, Diwali is the favorite festival of most of us, which may be of one day but its celebration lasts for about 15 days. . It is considered almost from Dhan Teras to Dev Uthani Ekadashi.

    Happiness is distributed in these 15 days, the sounds of firecrackers also resonate in our ears from somewhere or the other. But an important fact is also related to electricity. As in the houses of all of us, the house is decorated with beautiful lighting and the lights remain full for these 15 days.

    I too believe that lighting enhances the beauty of homes, but in this way, when many houses in different states of the country use additional lightings continuously, then the consumption of electricity is also very high. Should we not think about the wasteful consumption of electricity along with the damage caused to the environment by firecrackers? I would like to know the author's views.
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    You said, the Diwali is celebrated for 15 days. It is only to say, not to celebrate. We don't get time and holidays for 15 days. It is limited to one day only. I am sure, the houses except the affordable rich won't waste electricity by glowing their extra light fittings used for Diwali night. This generation knows much about money saving through energy saving.
    The real people who waste electrical energy are the shop keepers who keep plenty of lights ON, not only during Diwali but 24x7. For them, every day is Diwali. They should be advised to save electrical energy.
    During Christmas, the celebration starts from 24th December night till 1st Jan of New year. This goes on for a week and the electricity is wasted by all. This needs attention to save energy.

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    Diwali is a festival of lights. It is very difficult to convince people to use electricity in a proper way during these times. Actually during this time the various electricity boards of the various state governments try to produce more electricity to meet the demand of the consumers. Those States which do not have sufficient energy production get it from the national grid by paying to other states.
    As the electricity generation is increased by the government, the input costs are also increased and a good part of that is received from the consumers through there electricity bill payments.
    I do not see if there is any way to reduce this consumption of electricity during the Deepavali festival times.

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    Why think only about the electricity consumption by having more lights for 15 days in a year. We all use ACs for a minimum of three months. ACs are much more harmful to the environment as we use halons in these ACs for cooling the air by compressing it. ACs consume a lot of power. Now we rarely see a house even in villages also without an AC. Like this, there are many actions of ours that are not eco friendly. So we have to have a review completely and change our lifestyle in such a way that we will not cause any pollution. But the question is how many of us are ready for that?
    We celebrate Deepavali for only two days. Naraka Chaturdasi and Deepavali Amavaysa. The additional lights we use are just serials lights and the power consumption is very negligible. We light many lights with oil and wig. Throughout the month we will keep these lights with oil and wig near the entrance daily.

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    In Telugu states AP and TS we celebrate this festival for two days- Naraka Chaturdasi and Deepavali amavaasya. On these days the houses are decorated with oil lamps and candles. Some people decorate the whole house with colorful electric lights. Really this will give a beautiful look to the house. In Kaartyka maasam, we keep oil lights at the entrance of house everyday during this auspicious month. The sparkles of Deepavali diyas give us a great joy and happiness during this festive time.

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    When you are celebrating with lighting up each place do you call it a wastage? When you are not inside the room but the lights and the ceiling fan or the air-conditioning machine is on then you can definitely call it a wastage. When you are doing it for a purpose it's not a wastage. Yes, we must find ways to reduce power consumption without affecting the celebration as such and for that, we can look for alternatives. Nowadays, many decorative lights consume quite less power so the consumption is comparatively much lower. To reduce the consumption, even more, we need to find what kind of decorative lights can be used that will consume less power and effectively light up the area. With careful consideration, we will be able to find a way out.

    Damage to the environment in any form is not acceptable so the firecrackers must be eco-friendly. If they are not available then there is no other way than to ban the sale and use of crackers.


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    The festival of Deepavali expressly indicates it is the festival of lights and therefore every house, business establishments, factories are lit with colorful lights and every shopping mall invites us with sparkling switch over of colorful lighting formations. Surely the consumption goes for more demand and fortunately our state is surplus in current production and distribution as we have not faced any power cut either in summer or now. But wherever there was coal shortage and the power consumption was curtailed surely the day would be cut with no supplies and the night may be with full power. Many states have augmented the extra power requirements and sought additional power from the national grid. On thing is sure every year Deepavali has the same demand and in fact more, and the state EB's must brace up.
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