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    Enjoying festivals doesn't mean that we should stop our work during that time

    It is true that festivals are for fun, frolic and enjoyment and people have good time with their families and friends and everyone enjoys these occasions. But it doesn't mean that we should stop our work completely and only engage in these pleasant indulgences. If everyone stops working during the festivals then how the essential services will run and how the people will get their jobs done during these times as there might be some important jobs related to hospitals, medicines, banks/ATM etc or things like that. So it is obvious that we should enjoy the festivals but should be attentive to our duties also and atleast complete them to the bare minimum extent before coming back to the home for enjoying the festival. That should be the spirit of the people and then only we will have the real progress and development in our society or country. What do the members think about it?
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    A good thread has been initiated by the author. We have some duties and some commitments that we have made to ourselves or other people, in such a situation, we should not shy away from our duties or work. Festivals have their own importance and no work or duty prevents us from enjoying any festival with our people. But sometimes some people get so engrossed in the preparations for a day's festival in advance that they do some carelessness towards the work. There are also some tasks in which people can never leave their jobs or work, like police, doctors, etc., we should learn from them and fulfill our commitments.

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    We should not stop completly working on any day. If a housewife stops cooking on a festival day where we will go for food? If all the hotels and restaurants are also closed on festival day and housewives take rest, wherefrom we will get our food? So completely stopping work on festival day is not the correct way.
    These days already we are observing a change in the thoughts of the people. During my childhood, no shops were getting opened on a Sunday or a festival day. But these days all the shops are getting opened even on festival days. The employees there are being paid special pay for working on these days. Many factories also are working on festival days and the employees will be paid OT payment.
    Productivity should not come down because of festivals. We should celebrate and simultaneously we should work also. That should be the way.

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    After reading this post my thoughts went to my boy who is having the office research on finding new medicine and that is happening everyday irrespective of Sundays and holidays. For the companies festivities cannot hinder their progress of findings and thus my boy may skip the festivities. What I mean to say that some essentials cannot stop the work. Right from the milk production to the end of the day task products and articles need to be available and for that work has to be done. Even in Diwali day some business house are open for the festival Muhurat and that is called work is worship. The trains, the buses and the airplanes wont stop on festivities as some employees or the other take the additional duties and operate the same. If everyone wants to enjoy the festivities that is not possible and the economy would come to halt.
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