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    The fear, in the beginning, is justified but not in the end.

    It is natural to have nervousness and fear when we go to do something new. This work can be any new study, new job, new relationship, choice of the new direction, anything. In the beginning, there are many confusions, questions, worries, etc. in our minds, but still, we keep moving forward by motivating ourselves. As we move forward, the fear of the beginning starts to subside, but by the time the end comes, we become more confident and even closer to success. But sometimes the situation is the opposite, some people are full of confidence while starting, they are not affected or distracted by anyone's opinion or advice. But as soon as the last moment comes, they start getting scared. Perhaps the fear of the last moment is more dangerous than the fear of the initial.
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    It is very common that we might be nervous and anxious while undertaking a new responsibility in the job or facing an interview for a new job or in the different situations even such as meeting any VIP all of sudden. However, we must rely upon our own potentials and should face the situation calmly. Remaining over stressed will spoil the entire situation and the end result of our performance will considerably be affected.
    On the other hand, the tough situation can be reversed with the firm determination and situation can be made very favourable with our prudent approach. We remain sometimes in the dilemma whether the task to be undertaken can be tackled successfully from our end or not. Such negative thinking would not allow us to concentrate on the main points to thought in a particular situation. If no idea emerges of that sort, better to keep calm.

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    By the way when the matter is decided and chanced upon, then there should not place for fear at all. Why fear, when the things are going to be in the parameters of our striking range. For example the fear of new studies can be over come with sustained understanding of the subject and that would pave way for better results. The new job fear would get adjusted if we find one or two good friends who can guide us through the job. The new relationship would take time to adjust as we get know the preferences and misses of the opposite person before fully understanding. For that matter anything at the start would be clumsy, not understandable and even challenging too, and that does mean we would cease from the actions. We have strength and ability to understand things at the face of it and therefore make changes now and then to the adjusted groove.
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    I agree with the author. Before starting the work you may have some fears or apprehensions about the work. So we should take sufficient time and then only we should start working on the decided lines. The initial stages of work may be a little shaky and we may have some fear whether we are doing it properly or are we to stop and look back. But once you progressed well and nearing completion we should not have any fear and we should put in all our efforts so that we will be successful and the time invested in the programme will not become a waste.
    When we start a journey we will study the route and start travelling in that route. Initially, for some distance, we may be thinking about whether the path is correct or should we return back. But once we travel a long distance even though we are on the wrong path we will never think of going back but we will think about the route for our destination from the spot where we were at that movement.

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    Yes, it is correct. Starting every new task is quite interesting but difficult, hence the term fear-factors must be there. But to do the task one should be serious enough throughout the end. I do remember it happens many times in my life. In student life also it occurs at the time when question paper is first seen by the student. But after writing the complete answer paper it seems to be satisfactory and fears converted into satisfaction.
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    This is just like the stage fear which we feel while participating in something until we are on the stage we feel nervous but once we are there hold that mike or start whatever we are going to perform we do it naturally.
    Similarly in life as well it is natural to have a few fears before going for a new endeavour but once we are at it and get a hang of it, we just go with the flow.
    It happens rarely that we feel nervous in the end. But if we are well prepared the end can never make us afraid.

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    Nervousness at any stage while performing any duty or task or completing any mission entails possible failure.
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