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    Study or enjoyment which you prefer on a carefree festive day?

    In our country, the festival lasts throughout the year, so many people do their daily routine activities on these days and many people leave these days and enjoy everything with the family and friends. But especially for children, these days are very important and enjoyable. We remember in our childhood we used to rejoice from the day of arrival of any festival. But as we become older, it gradually loosens up and many of us often want to keep some of the children indoors in those days. I think it's unfair to them. Because they have to grow up in harmony with society. So not only them, but themselves should enjoy as much as possible, at least on festive days, what do you say?
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    Yes, the Magic of festivals, fairs and parks slowly begin to fade away as we grow up. But it is not necessary we can enjoy all these things even as an adult it is just a matter of perspective, interest and choice as well.
    For adults, it becomes a choice to be a part of the festival or not.
    But in the case of children parents and elders should let them enjoy the festival instead of confining them in house and make them do homework because the kind of enthusiasm we have as a child never returns once we begin to understand the world and its complexities,
    For children, the world is very simple and things make them happy, excited and curious and all those things slowly get notched down as we acquire more and more knowledge.

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    Life is to enjoy. Enjoyment comes in many ways. Festivals are one such event that makes us enjoy. Why are we studying? To earn. Why are we earning? To lead a good life. What is a good life? A life that is enjoyable. What is enjoyable? Festivals and celebrations. Therefore, put aside the study and enjoy festivals. Let the elders allow children to enjoy their life through festivals and celebrations.
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    When carefree festive days are in the offing, we must study the portions in advance as we know when the guests and relatives makes frequent visits, we cannot be at the study rooms and boast of being busy. Moreover when the entire family, society and the state is under festive mood, how can there be concentration on studies. For the children the festivals are rewinding their old memories and wants to enjoy every moments with the relatives and friends. They do not mind going out, mingling with people and spend useful time in gossiping but not the studies. For that matter even the elders would advise the children not to bother about the studies for one or two days and that does not bother too much. But those who are clever, they must make provision for such leave from studies and that should either make up before or after festivities.
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    True. The children should be allowed to spend their time happily on a festival day. We should not insist them to study on that day also. Actually these days the festivals are losing their flavour. In our childhood, we used to be very happy and enjoy the festival as we used to get new clothes and special dishes for the meals etc. We used to get up early in the morning and used to have a head bath also.
    But these for the children every day is a festival day as they need not wait for a festival for having new clothes and they can eat anything they want on any day. So they feel the festival day is a holiday and they will get up late on that day. Elders should try to explain them the importance of the festival and they should be allowed to enjoy their day and we should not force them to study and keep themselves indoors. They should enjoy the day playing with their friends in the neighbourhood.

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    In earlier times people used to work hard in the fields and then used to enjoy festivals in their spare time but they never compromised with them by neglecting their work. So taking that clue from our ancestors, it makes sense to continue that spirit today also as hard work in field is replaced by the studies or office work or computer related work. Festivals will be going on round the clock and shopkeepers will attract the customers for goodies with which one can celebrate with one's head high but during that celebration one has to remember that there are so many things waiting to be completed for making a career and earn a living.
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    When festivals come, all of us go on leave from routine work, so that we may enjoy the occasions of happiness. I prefer to visit my friends and relatives during these holidays. I see it as the best ways of enjoyment during festive days. Sharing my happy moments with friends or relatives is a great source of enjoyment for me. It also keeps our relationship healthy. As hectic schedule in our daily life doesn't allow us to visit our friends or relatives, so these festive occasions give us opportunity to do so.

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