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    Involuntary sparkle in the face is a sign of resentment

    There are people of different characters in the society, it is difficult to recognize everyone from the outer face. In fact, everyone has different personalities. So looking at the shape of the face, it seems that the man is smiling but his real form may be different. You will truly know him when you get to know him personally about his life. The style of many people in the society is always a gentle smile on their face, it is often you will realize that it is involuntary and the consequences can be terrible. One day it can also be seen that any C.B.I. or any such organization is arresting him for a serious crime. So it is better to keep as much distance from them as possible. But not everyone is like that, many are really good.
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    Something unusual observance from the author and the involuntary sparkle are seen with those who are associated with politics or high profile activities. These people being in public do give the big smile for the cause of cameras, but when in reality they are undergoing through the worst trauma of their life which they cannot share to tell others. And these people never reveal anything to others including the personal secretary. As a result they would sulk in themselves and that can be shown during their frustration vent now and then. These are the people who do wrong things under the back drop of known connections, and when their past acts goes to the notice of law enforcing agencies, the actions would be nasty and subvert their gathered reputation to the zero within few minutes and thus they are no where.
    K Mohan @ Moga
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We are the people who believe that the face is the index of the mind and we used to think that we can assess the person by seeing his face. But it proved beyond doubt that you should never go by seeing the face. People are more cunning these days. What they say is different and what they do is different. They act innocent and make others believe them and then deceive them. We are hearing many such incidents happening in society. So we should be very careful with people. Sometimes even very well known people also will deceive us. That is why we should not believe others beyond a point.
    One of my distant relatives were very old and only the wife and husband are staying. So they have adopted a boy from a poor family thinking that the boy will take care of them. But that boy never took care of them but enjoyed their wealth. Once the money with them is exhausted he left them. Then they sold their house and joined in an old age home and died there.
    This is an incident which tells you about the people. So never believe anybody blindly.

    always confident

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    The author has got a nice understanding of the false sparkle on the faces of some deceptors and it is true that we should be cautious of such people. The false light is there only to attract the preys for their logical extermination. These people are the criminals of a high degree and often connected to the high officials or influential people through their money power and the gullible are trapped in their net only to lose their lives. Differentiating false sparkle from the true one is not so easy as it requires common sense and deep knowledge of these things that are unfortunately existing in our society.
    Knowledge is power.

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