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    Marriage, not now criteria by youth pushing them to waithood for no best results

    In the guise of settling in life, the youth are postponing their marriage chances and proposals there by giving anxious moments to the parents as marriage, not now criteria by youth pushing them to waithood for no best results later. Invariably I have seen those who postponed their marriage at the age between 24 to 27 have to wait for long more years and end up with bad or not good selection of groom or bride. As the age increases the doubt factor on the health and ability of alliance also cast spell. Therefore youth should abide by the parents advise and go for marriage at right age.
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    Marriage is an important event in our lives. After marriage, we will have our own family and we have to stay with our partner and it will be a new beginning. Depending on somebody for our needs on parents even after marriage is not correct. The couple should manage their lives with the available funds and they should be able to help their parents if the need comes. That is why many young people these days hesitate to get married before they settle well in their lives. That is correct also. Many youths are not able to get their jobs immediately after completing their education. Because of this, they are postponing their marriages also and that is causing delays in getting married. As mentioned by the author the young people who are delaying their marriage are not able to get good matches and their marriage is getting further delayed.
    My both the sons got their jobs immediately after study and they got married when they were 24 years old. But some of their friends couldn't get married till they attained 30 years.

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    I don't agree with the author in this matter here, since the fact is earlier elder people use to give marriage a lot of importance and now the youngsters won't give much importance but their priority is their own happiness.
    To many elder people, such things might feel selfish, foolish or bad decisions.
    But it is rather better to wait than end up in a marriage full of compromise. Earlier marriages lasted because there was too much focus on compromise. Today Youngsters don't want to live a life of compromises but of individual happiness but elders don't seem to understand that point of view. And neither the elder understand that marriage is not everything for a person to live happily.
    If a person is happy it is not necessary to get married. It is a simple thing but Indian value system do not give much importance to individual opinion over family will.

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    The author has given a beautiful message of advice. Parents always want the best for their children. So always give them good advice based on their own experience. But for various reasons they do not accept it. It is true that many young people today do not readily accept the idea of ??getting married, they want to do it only after reaching a certain place in life. On the other hand, parents do not want to put pressure on them. Because whatever happens, marriage is a completely personal matter. After that, when the marriage age is over, they may not get a suitable bride or groom. The consequences of which are often suffered throughout life. So it should be done at the right time.
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    The young generation are ambitious and would like to see their dreams coming true through their persistent efforts.They are living in their own worlds for its realisations. Whatever the careers they have chosen say medical field, charted accountancy, civil services examinations etc, it takes a lot of time and moreover it is not the cup of tea for everyone. Those interested to get realised their cherished dreams would take a longer time and even in some of the fields like medical, the aspirants would take years to get their dreams alive.By the time, they acquire a respectable degree of medical, they turn up thirty five. Now they would like to be established in the medical field which would take at least five years for the stabilisation of their careers.
    Hence the marriage of such ambiguous youths get unduly delayed. Even if they are married at the late age, they face a lot complications in case of ladies in attaining motherhood.The years ahead are quite challenging in raising their issues. Hence even though they get their careers of their choice, their married lives are not likely to be enjoyable ones.

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    When a person should marry is entirely a personal matter of an individual. In this modern age, it is trending that a person doesn't decide to marry until he/she is mentally prepared and financially settled.
    In old age when a boy or girl had reached his/her puberty parents would begin to get them married at the earliest. There was no such notion of career-building from either side. The boy would hinge on his parents for all post-marriage expenses. But now the time has changed, a boy and a girl will not marry until he/she is settled in his/her life.
    In the past premarital relationship between a girl and boy was taboo in society but now it has become common to have a physical relationship between two persons, even living together as spouses are also accepted by our society. It is also the main reason for to delay in getting married.
    I think unnecessary procrastination in marriage is not the right decision. A person should settle in his/her married life at the earliest.

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    There is no doubt that every work should be done at the right age, but it also does not mean that every work is for a certain age only. The way we find around us that many people do new things without any age limit and become a new example in the society, then why a fixed age limit for marriage. Yes, if the main purpose of marriage is to increase the family or lineage, then the matter of a certain age for marriage is logical. Youth is not against the thinking of elders, but today's youth is more considerate about settling itself first and then taking the responsibility of someone else. By the way, even being up to 33-24 years of age for marriage does not seem to be a big problem. What is important is the maturity in the person and the relationship, which will keep that relationship happy in the future.

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    Due to the career making and the present unemployment situation in the country young people are not able to go for marriage at an early age even though the parents in some cases might be insisting for that.
    Not only the boys but many girls are also very conscious for their career today and they will not go for marriage until they are settled and got a good job. By the time they get a good job they are already crossing an age of 30 which is on higher side considering the marriage age.
    This is not a very healthy situation but until unless the career making becomes a quick process and employment condition in the country improves, it is difficult to have early marriages for the young people today

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    At the age of 31 for ladies high risk pregnancy is the challenging to very existence.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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