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    Why putting forward opinions of younger generation feels like threat to elders?

    Our society has always been like that we often follow elders blindly out of respect even if we completely disagree. Even at the age of 25-26 people are expected to put the opinions of elders above even if they are not wrong.
    When the youngsters have to take decisions, elders say that you are too young to make that decision, but when it comes to the responsibility they say you are too old and you should take responsibility for a particular action.
    When it comes to the decision making they call youngsters too young and when comes to responsibilities they consider them elder, this is such an ambiguity.
    Today youngsters are not ready to settle down or compromise if something does not make them happy, they seek happiness and calmness over everything and for that reason often go against everyone's wishes. And many a time questions their whole value system?
    While elders who in their own times followed everything blindly told by their elders did not question any wrong notions taught to them in the name values find this questioning too outrageous.
    What is your opinion on this, Be able to stand up for yourself and not follow everything blindly how does that make a person wrong? With so much change around the world shouldn't our elders be a little ready to change their ways according to the new norms?
    Isn't it the responsibility of both groups to change a little instead of expecting all the compromises from the younger generation?
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    This is simply a difference of opinion between the two generations. Old people assume themselves as wiser and pragmatic whereas young generation think that they are more sophisticated and technology savvy, so they know this world better than an outdated generation. However, the fact remains thus that older people are more caring and considerate about the young generation.
    Leaving parents at home is not very painful for a family if their some goes away to get education or job but when a young son settles somewhere far from his old parents and forgets them as useless things then this humanity cries. I think career is a secondary issue before serving old parents.

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    Who is asking the young ones to follow the elders blindly. Let them draw wisdom through the education and let them take right decisions befitting to the agreement of elders. By the way elders are not the enemies and they always sought good living for the grand children and what ever actions or advice they initiate it would have long term benefit for the young ones. One of the friend daughter has arranged her own alliance, preparations to marriage all on her own without consulting the elders and family and now she is in big trouble for over riding the set customs and traditions to which both sides are unaware. This is the classic example of no knowledge and going that extra mile which causes bad reputation to everyone. Because the elders are blamed for the overtures of young ones mistake.
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    Gone are the days. Those days exposure to the people with the world is less as the communication methods are very less. So they are getting matured with their experience and age. That is why people used to follow their elders without questioning them. It is a general belief that elders in the family will always wish that their children and younger generations should have a good future and hence their suggestions will be good only.
    But there is sea change these days. Now there are many ways for getting the communications and the whole world is in our hands. Whatever is happening in any corner of the world is coming to our notice within minutes, So these days younger generation is much matured and they know better what is good for them and what is not. So we need not think that younger generations should follow the elders and it will not be a threat to elders, I feel. What more changes will come in society in the coming days is to be seen. Everything happens for good only.

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    A nice thread has been shared by the author. Every person's thinking can be different, in which not only the generation but also the experience and values as well as the surrounding environment matters. We should have faith in our elders and also learn from their experiences, but this does not mean stopping our own thinking. When we properly adjust the experience and advice of elders with our thoughts, then its result comes out in a different way. These days even upcoming days changes in thinking would b quite common and arguments also increased but it's up to the person how he/she handle this in a sensible way.

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