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    Deepo-Utsava 2021 at Ayodhya, what is your view on it?

    All the photos and videos coming from Ayodhya are just mesmerising bright lights and beautiful Diays all around. Again a new record is going to be made and the excitement of people being a part of is just amazing.
    The way Ayodhya is getting portrayed will definitely become a big revenue generation pilgrimage tourism place. Some People see it as a way of reverence and some as just a big extravagance.
    Some see it as a way to show respect to Lord Rama in the best possible way while others see it as a show of power and Hindu assertion.
    How do you see these Deepo-Utsava are you tilting towards its negative side or its positive sites.
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    Why there should be apprehensions and reading between the lines when the festivities of Deepavali which expressly means celebration through the lights, and when the Diyas are made to brighten the Deepo Utsav at Ayodhya, its the sign of victory of good over the evil and what ever bad experience the country has been undergoing, need to get rid and the earthen lamps have the power of community prayers which goes the long way to achieve the peace and success for the country. This is not the extravagant or any popularity actions, but giving the befitting meaning to the festival and celebrating the life of Lord Ram to whom the grand temple is being constructed and Ayodhya would be the most sought after destination after Tirumala for every devotee to have the darshan of Lord Ram after that great victory over the courts.
    K Mohan @ Moga
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As far as I am concerned it is the joy of the festival. This is customary to celebrate Deepavali with a lot of lights around. We will light as many lights as possible in our houses. We go to the places of worship and light as many lights as possible there. So I don't see any negative side in this. All people are free to celebrate their festivals as per the faiths they have. We all know our Muslim brothers perform worship in groups on roads on their festivals days. The other persons will neve think negatively about the same and they divert their routes without disturbing them. These we see this festival is celebrated in many other countries also and people there enjoy this.
    always confident

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    I appreciate the spirit of celebration. I feel regret that I could not be a spectator or participant in this sparkling display of lakhs of li lamps there. I t would be a thrilling joyous experience.
    While the real festive spirit is killed by external pressures and actions from various sides or there is a deflection of the real traditional spirit by indulging in some harmful ways of celebrations, this Celebration of Lights by lighting lakhs of eco-friendly lamps is wholeheartedly welcome.

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    In India, most festival celebrations are expanded way. As Ayodhya Mandir is a concern of dispute for a long time so the focus of media is also more over there. We do not what was the exact purpose behind all these celebrations whether it's about mandir or masjid or gurudwara etc, but the thing that matters any celebration should not create a scene that became an issue for religion or anything. The celebration should be only one purpose that is happiness and enjoyments of all with respecting others values too.

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