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    I need to change my mothers surname in my 10th SSC memo

    I graduated in the month of May, 2015. My mother's surname was mentioned as her maiden name in my 10th SSC Memo. I had no idea this would be a problem. I applied for a passport a few days ago and discovered that there is a serious problem because my mother's surname is different in government identification documents. Nobody in my high school or college warned me that this might be a problem. Now I want to change the surname of my mother in my SSC memo (TS). But the main issue is that my school has been converted to CBSE, and my principal has also changed. Could you please explain the procedure to me, will I be able to change my information? I intend to pursue my master's degree abroad, but this could be a problem. It would be extremely helpful if you could tell me the procedure or any other information about this problem. Thank you in Advance.
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    There are two ways for this. One is to apply to the SSC board TS through the school you have studied. It is about 6 years and I think you will not have any problem. Even though the principal of the school is changed and the affiliation changed also, you need not worry. They will forward the application to the board and then you may have to pursue it with the board in Hyderabad.
    The other way is to get an affidavit made. You can contact an advocate in your area who can guide you in this process. After getting the affidavit made you have to get it published in the Gazzette also. The advocate whom you will contact will be knowing the procedure for this and definitely, he will guide you as required.
    You should attach proof regarding the name of your mother and in the affidavit, you have to mention that the name of your mother before marriage and after marriage.

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