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    What are the ways to express the joy ?

    When the things happen so suddenly and when we have almost reconciled that the out come of winning chance goes to the opponent, and when the ultimate moment of winning happens, surely our reactions would be explicit and we choose to dance, we try to whistle or even shout loud over the unexpected honor and that would be always a fortunate moments. Some times we try to lift the friend or the person who brought the good news much to his or her astonishment. What are the ways to express the joy ? Kindly spell your personal ways to express wonderful moments.
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    When I get an unexpected success, the happiness I get will be very high. Generally, I react very happily and give available sweets to the person I convey the message initially. Then I will share the joy with all my family members by speaking to them are sending messages with them. Based on the issue, we may go out for eating out also.
    There may be different ways to express our joy and different people will follow different methods. We all will be viewing various programmes on TV and we will be seeing how different winners in the programmes show their happiness. They will be hugging others and lifting the members of the team etc.

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    Suddenly, there are many reactions seen to happy news, like in those days the kings giving gold chains to the news reporter, the present ministers promise to improve in future, the saints bless, the parents become happy and proud, the mother embraces with deep affection, and we? We shout, let everyone know. So the good news is normal because there is no pain of not receiving or gaining here. All that is happiness or receiving something. So the feeling is shared with everyone with many styles.
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