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    Little gestures create big sparkles in our lives

    Humans are social animals and they cannot live without company. But living in a company requires mutual understanding and cordial relationships between people. Our behaviour and gestures are instrumental in making good relations and long term co-existence in a group or society.

    Even our little gestures play an important role in expressing our feelings towards other people and if our expressions are pleasant and friendly to them then only the atmosphere will be conducive to harmonious living. Appreciating people for their performances, giving attention to what other people are speaking, accepting the correct things and appreciating the persons who are instrumental in carrying out them, and believing in teamwork rather than self glory are some of the things that can bring a lot of goodwill and functional progress in one's personal life as well as workplace. Good gestures and expressions are not only a thing of rejoice for others but also keep ourselves happy and in good spirits. In essence, little gestures create big sparkles in our lives.

    This is my entry for the month end topic based TOW contest - sparkle.
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    Small gestures will bring sparkles to the eyes of the recipient. When we just give a little money to a person who is very hungry, his eyes will sparkle with happiness and joy. When a person is waiting for transport and is very anxious about his catching the train will be very happy when somebody gives him a lift to the railway station. We can see sparkles in his eyes. Like these small gestures will bring sparkles in others. We also might have faced such situations in our life many times. But how long those sparkles are lost is an important question? Sometimes they short live but in some other cases, they may live longer.
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    The other day I went to a marriage and the food preparation was very nice, immediately I went to the main cook and appreciated him and his team mate for giving the best dishes to eat and enjoy. He felt more happy and was overwhelmed with the appreciation. Not that he would get any extra money out of our appreciation, but surely his reputation has gone up and everyone has noted his phone number and promised to call him when big things happen. The author is right as small and little gestures now and then and patting someone on the back for even small achievements would go a long way in creating some comfort feelings. And if the gestures are made towards the children, see the sparkle of smile in their faces and that would ignite love and affection towards us because we have the guts to appreciate even small matters.
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    Very beautiful writing has been given by the author for the TOW contest. When we give appreciation to someone for his work or performance, we not only motivate the person in front of him through a few words, but he also feels proud of himself and his work, which increases his efficiency and dedication. And maybe a small appreciation of ours can make a person so excited that he can also be successful in making a mark in society. Help people as much as you can, there are thousands of ways, we just have to choose a few.

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    Many times some very little gestures create big impact.

    I had many such incidents in my career life. Being a banker, I can cite one such example. I met one person who was a priest of a small denomination. But on going further in our discussion, I discovered that he was a multilinguistic, and had written books about Indian tradition and ethos in some foreign languages too. Sincerely impressed, I purchased a couple of books(in English ) from him which cost me then a little less than one hundred rupees. But I read all of them and found good and was more impressed about the author.
    He had only a very nominal business dealing with our bank with just a few thousands. However the personal rapport and mutual appreciations grew up and benefited our bank and the business dealing was about some lakhs by the time I left that branch.

    So little things can count big.

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    Yes, I completely agree with the author's point of view mentioned here as small gesture does bring sparkle to our life. Anyone doing the smallest good thing for us is often getting etched in our heart and memory, and we too want to make that person smile and be happy. We too pass these gestures forward. If someone has made our day by any such small gesture we too try to make others day as such and in this manner, this cycle keeps on going and brings joy and sparkle in everyone around us.
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    We do come across many people doing their jobs continuously and their final outputs are really commendable but they don't get appreciation for such jobs. They are of course paid for such jobs and that is all. If we come across anyone engaged in a job doing diligently impressing others for their dedication and efficiency, his eyes would sparkle for our good comments. Patting anyone for their better performance is one of the best ways to motivate and encourage the workers. We don't pay anything etc but the kind words uttered by us will surely elevate the mood of the working man.

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