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    What difference you are finding in the celebration of Deevali at present compared to your childhood?

    Deepavali is a traditional festival of Hindu religion. The importance of this festival is lighting and decorating the house with oil lamps.The other important thing is bursting of crackers. Children as well as youngsters are very much interested bursting of crackers and enjoy the occasion. In my childhood time, this festival was used to celebrate in a most spectacular way. Atleast 15 days after the festival nights are roared with crackers sounds. Children we used to start the preparation for Deepavali one month before the festival. We used to write what crackers we have to buy and what things we have to make at our home. Usually we used to prepare Mathabas by buying chemicals in pachari shops.After drying these chemicals under Sun , the children's with the help of elders used to make mathabas. Similarly, Sisindri's made out of coal powder and Sulphur. With just 15-25 rupees buying we used atleast 15 days of enjoyment of crackers. But nowadays Children are not showing that much of enthusiasm in preparation for Deepavali. But nowadays more varieties of new sophisticated crackers are coming. Members share the difference what your are finding in celebrations of Deepavali at present when compared to your childhood times.
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    I find the festive spirit of naïve, innocent bubbly playful childhood is now missing from the present children. Though some of them just show their faces at certain moments due to compulsions from parents, they simpl withdraw into their cocoons with Whatsap, Fb etc. keeping company with them. Their celebrations stops with forwarding and re-forwarding the stereotyped greetings via the net.

    For many adults also it is similar.

    The unity spirit of family members joining in cleaning, decoration and preparing Sweets and snacks has almost disappear. Now it is celebration by ordering for sweets and eatables. Clay lamps are used very less and electric lights LED mostly-are used to light up homes and premises. It becomes so easy as the need of lighting or taking off the lamps is just a switch on or switch off. There is no need to arrange the lamps, oil them put wicks and then add oil and remove them carefully after use,
    Mostly celebrations (any celebration) have become commercial opportunities.

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    Unlike my childhood days, these days celebrations are very simple. There is nothing to prepare earlier. No thinking and planning is required.
    Earlier days, my parents used to buy new clothes and give it for stitching one month in advance. Yet, the tailor would deliver it only on the last day after repeated visit to the tailor. These days textiles are ready made. Just go to the shops and get ready made wears.
    Earlier days, my mother used to make sweets and kaarams at home. These days, sweet meat shops provides all types of sweets for celebration.
    Earlier days, my father used to make home made fire works that makes sound with a bang. These days, the fire works varieties have been made very attractive. No parents know how to make local bursters.
    Things have changed a lot and celebrations have been made easy and simple.

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    Where the golden days were lost, those beautiful days of childhood are remembered especially on a special occasion like this. But over time, that is likely to change. We meet new trends with old memories. Then there was oil or ghee and now there are candles and electricity. What a strange addition. But it looks good. When I was a child, it was a different feeling to light a lamp and decorate it with my mother. But now it is shiny also. I think there would be a competition to explode firecrackers, who can detonate how many types of firecrackers for how long. Now, of course, there are many good crackers available, but again it is banned. In any case, it is better to stay as it is.
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    The author with this thread made me recollect my childhood days and the way in which we were celebrating this festival with a lot of enthusiasm and fun. We used to be in preparation of firecrackers. All the children were used to being busy preparing the firecrackers. We were making flower pots in the house. Some items were bought out. We used to get up very early in the morning and spend time together and in the evening we used to spend time with firecrackers. Whatever is made or purchased were being distributed among all the children.
    But these days that much enthusiasm is not there among the children and youth. Nobody is attempting making in the houses. They purchase material from outside. They prefer getting up late as it is a holiday. Even special dishes are not made in the house. They will be purchased from outside. Many children these days even don't know why this special festival is celebrated.

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    When we compare the childhood preference and activities connected to Deepavali to this day has vast difference and lots of changes taken place. That the list of crackers would be out one month before and we are asked to choose what we want and ordered the same by the father. Then there would be huge preparation of sweets and savories to which all the sisters will join to prepare one item each. Then my parents used to fetch 15 herbal items which are likely to be included in making Deepavali medicine which is very useful in combating the health setbacks as we are likely to eat more sweets and savories. Moreover we used to get up early in the morning at 3 am and by 5 am we would visit the neighbors and exchange the greetings. Now everything is changed and the house members are sleeping nicely even after 7 am leave alone all the above preparations
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    Comparing between the olden days when we were celebrating Deepavali and as of now, we could see that there exists a stark difference in the way of celebration. All of us used to wait this auspicious moment once the Dussehra festival was over. Our parents were rather interested to get the dress materials stitched from our known tailor. He was handed over the dress materials much in advance with the expectation that we could get the stitched materials much earlier than the onset of the Deepavali but unfortunately we were not lucky enough to get the same in time. Varieties of sweets were made at home and such finished items were unparalleled in comparison to the sweets prepared by the hotels. While playing with firecrackers, we folks assembled together to celebrate this ritual and we enjoyed their association offering them home made sweets and their get togetherness remained memorable for long.

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