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    At last government cut in excise duty on petrol and diesel

    In the last three years, there are continuously increasing in the price of fuel. Various opponent political parties are demanding to reduce the prices of Petrol diesel and LPG. Many state govt has already reduced the VAT rate. The finance ministry has declared a cut in excise duty so that the price of one-liter petrol will be reduced by Rs.5.00 and diesel by Rs.10.00.
    Even there is a massive shortage of tax collection by this reduction, yet it was necessary for the benefit of the general people of the people and also it will help govt to control the inflationary situation of price level of various commodities. The decision of the govt is quite justified. What do you think?
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    The reduction of the excise duty in both the products- Petroleum and Diesel will certainly offer relief to the consumers. The customers have witnessed spiral of the prices almost in all the essential products lately. Even some of the state governments have revised the fares of the state bus. However, it would be an unfortunate phase that the revised price effected recently is not likely to be withdrawn. Anyway it is welcome providing the consumers a little bit relief in maintaining their expenditure. Let us hope the government would further take steps in the time ahead to lower the prices of the petroleum products. Even domestic LPG prices are soaring steeply which has affected the housewives badly.

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    It is a gift from the central government to all the people of India on the occasion of Deepavali. Everyone will welcome the same and this reduction might have brought sparkles in all the Indian citizens. Yesterday my car tank is empty and I told my driver that we will fill the tank today. In the night I heard about this reduction in price from today and I am happy that I could save some money by postponing the filling of fuel in the vehicle for a day. The price difference for diesel between yesterday and today is about Rs.12.50. Now the State governments should also come forward and reduce some portions of their taxes so that there will be a good relief to the consumers.
    There may be some revenue loss to the governments if they reduce the taxes but reducing the taxes is very much required now as the cost of fuel is going very high. Let us hope on this day of Deepavali we may get a gift from the State governments also in the form of a reduction in fuel prices.

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    I am not happy with the pittance deduction or cut in the excise duty when the petrol rates were galloped over 34 rupees in the recent past and just five rupee reduction was a mere eye wash. But what about the state governments which are equally charging more excise duty on the same and thus the center wants to make even every state accountable to reduce otherwise this would be used as the election plank issue in the general elections. But for common man the hike of petrol made everything costly but the salaried person take home pay was remaining the same. Those who are rich and can afford are mum and not raising the voice, but those who are living with hand to mouth existence with meager salaries are the affected lots. The government must prevail upon each state not to earn on petrol hence forth and pass the benefits.
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    This reduction will benefit only a limited number of commuters who use their own vehicles. Rates of all commodities or items which have been raised due to oil price hikes will not be reduced. So inflation can't be restrained and problems of common people will not be solved. If governments are really serious they should take oil prices under GST.

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    Yes, this is true this reduction brings a smile to many faces and also reduces stress among people. It seems the government giving a Diwali gift to the public. At the same time, we are aware of the politics of government also but should not discuss it as it's a celebration time. Whatever, we are happy for now.

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    The government is forced to reduce the excise duty as the fuel rates have reached a new high. There is resentment across all sections of the people about the apathy of the government. The recent by-election results and the forthcoming elections in 2022 to some of the State Assemblies forced the government to take this decision. I doubt very much for how long this reduction in excise duty will be in force. The Union and State governments are morally bound to bring the petroleum products under GST.
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    The meager amount what the central government reduced may not relieve the common man. Already because of skyrocketing petrol and diesel prices, the cost of living made people sick. In recent times Rs.34 on these oil prices has increased and the little reduction has no affect on common man. It simply an election gimmick played by government during festive eve. The state governments are not at all willing to reduce oil prices and this will not satisfy people. The oil price control must be brought under GST regime and is the only solution for it.

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    People in India have been facing a price hike in fuel for quite some time and it has only created problems for the common man. Though the central government announced cuts in fuel prices, it is still a headache for the people who need fuel daily for machines in the fields for farmers as rates are still high compared to previous years. However, cuts in fuel prices is a welcome step and I hope for overall improvement in prices and lower inflation rates.

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    Petrol and diesel are two commodities which are related to so many industries and also to the expenses by people moving from one place to another through any mode of transport. It is obvious that any increase in the price of these commodities will start a chain reaction and prices of other items will also try to increase in a proportionate way. So it is imperative that government will always try to control and check the prices of these two important commodities. Unfortunately in the past one year government could not check the prices of the items and these had shot up. Now the limit has come where government has to take action and now they are reducing the taxes albeit in small proportion. Seeing this we can hope that more tax cuts will be there in future so that prices would come down from the present level significantly.
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    The center has played a big politics here as it has forced the respective state governments to reduce the impact of their own tax on the petrol and diesel prices. What is more baffling that the petrol and diesel comes from crude oil and why the vast difference between the petrol and diesel prices reduction. This move proves that center wants to check the states as to how they are looting the money and putting the sole blame game on center. Now the real game would be out as to which state would be more people friendly in reducing the fuel price further and if they fail the voters would turn hostile.
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    There are different opinions of people that are coming on social media. Some people seem to be hopeful for good days but most of them consider this step as a political gimmick which was done because of a big setback in recently held by elections, especially, in Himachal Pradesh the bjp lost all four seats despite being in power and most importantly presiden of bjp comes from there besides him Anurag Thakur also belongs to this state. He asked to vote for the bjp candidate but his security money was forfeited when the bjp candidate got more or less 2600 votes only against the congress candidate who got more than 31,000. In Rajasthan, bjp slipped to third or fourth position. In other parts despite winning their vote share has reduced drastically.
    What you are presenting is the media version. Politics is a game of capturing power. BJP has a tough time ahead in assembly elections coming next year in February or March.

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