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    After two years the festivities celebrated with mingleness and wholesome

    It seems the people are fed up with the two years setback everyone faced during the pandemic and this year Deepavali was of full attendance of relatives and friends to the home and we are seeing happiness in everyone's face as they exchange pleasantries and greetings hugging each other. Adding to that the sweets and savories were brought in adding to the already prepared items at the home and thus the children for the first time expressed their wholesome happiness by mingling with their kind heart connects and thus had great joy and day.
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    The author's observation is correct, although some situations had improved till Diwali last year, but still this time the level of celebration of Diwali is different. It should also not mean that people start careless, but take precautions and enjoy the festival with fearlessness and belonging. I hope we are keeping all these important things in mind while visiting relatives. Having social distance will never and never mean being away from loved ones. Our every festival is incomplete without our special people but this time the distance has reduced and we are happily enjoying Diwali with our loved ones. Everyone is getting to spend a safe and happy time with their family, that is the real purpose of the real festival. Happy Diwali among loved ones with your loved ones without any complaints.

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    But still people are having some doubts in their minds and they are not able to forget the negative events that are happened in their families. So even though they are celebrating, they are very cautious.
    Today in our house also we have a very happy day. My last brother with his family came from Bangalore. My another brother who stays in Hyderabad also came with his family. My sister's son also came from Chennai with his family. So we had a good gathering. All the kids are enjoying the day very happily.
    I hope this Deepavali will see that all people will be from the problems they are facing and will have good times in the coming year.

    always confident

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    Once the coronavirus dipped to its lowest ebb, there was a great resurgence of hope and aspiration in the minds of people that they would be able to lead a normal life now. Now the Diwali festival is one of the major festivals that is falling after the coronavirus dip and naturally people are very joyous and having fun and frolic here and there during this festival time. At the same time we must understand that coronavirus is not eradicated and it is simply lying low for another opportunity to come up and surface out in a very dreadful manner. Thanks to the the good number of vaccinations done in our country and other measures that it appears time being coronavirus is child and controlled. But so far no vaccine is 100% safe and secure as regards to this aggressive virus and it makes sense to take safety measures and avoid crowdy places and keep some social distancing at least for some time to come. Once the regular medicine for this deadly virus is invented then we can have more freedom of our mingling with other people.
    Knowledge is power.

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